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Dear all,i have posted my concerns to tha ALS forum but i also thought of posting them here as well
Im a 22 year old female..In the past year i have experience weird symptoms.Muscle fatigue weakness, cramps especially localised in right arm and leg..
The past 2 weeks i have noticed that my leg muscles (back ,buttock, leg, calf) twich a lot of times during the day.This week it has become more intense..
Especially when im laying my legs especially in my right one(back ,buttock, leg, calf).It goes away after i move...I do not exercise much so it couldnt be from that..Also my torso muscles seem to twich and today i have noticed that my left cheek(the area below my eye) has started to have several twiches..
I havent noticed any profound problem in walking yet thankfully but im terrified it could be ALS.The symptoms are and it worries me...I know that from my age is not typical but i laso know tha it does happen..
Please tell me what you think..
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Oh i also didnt mention that in the past year i have developed somewhat of a slurred speech..My s's are not clear..I ve read that is the case with bulbar als!
please any input will be helpfull!
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Given your age, I HIGHLY doubt this is ALS.  

I would recommend a Neuro consult for an assessment and testing.  
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thank you so much for your answer..I will see a neuro soon.I just hope it not ALS...
Its indeed very scary as i have read incidents of people acquiring it before the age of 25..
That surely scared me...i pray its not that..
Thank you
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In my opinion, I don't think it is; you just don't fit the profile.  For instance, your twitching is all over and not really localized, plus the twitching stops with movement.  The problem is DEFINITELY Neuro though and should be investigated as soon as possible.  
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thank you!!what if the fasciculations are brief yet fine..i cant really see them but i can feel them..I read somewhere tha this is an indicative of as!!is tha true??are fine twitches that cannot be seen but only felt bad?
thank you
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Yes, ALS usually present with muscle twitching, but the twitching is usually localized in one area with muscle atrophy and weakness.  Your twitching sounds more like BFS (Benign Faciculation Syndrome).    

You did state you really don't exercise, so the weakness in your legs could just be related to inactivity.  

Please consult a Neurologist to help you sort out what is going on.  
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