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What Neurological Issue Might this be?

Hi, I am a 24 year old female who has been experiencing some odd neurological symptoms for a few months now. Can anybody please help me figure out what might be wrong?

About 8 months ago I started experiencing this odd tingling sensation throughout my scalp; similar to goosebumps or like a crawling sensation. I would get it many times a day and it would only last 5-10 seconds at a time.

Last month, after an extremely stressful week, the tingling sensation spread from my scalp to the left side of my face and that part of my face went numb for a few minutes.

Over the course of that week, the tingling spread to my right arm and then eventually to my entire right side. In that period, I also experienced prickling, itching all over my body and burning hands, as well as a few instances where my right hand and right foot have gone completely numb.

I’ve also been experiencing pains deep within my body. It’s difficult to tell if it’s the bones or the nerves, but it’s a deep ache within my arms and legs. Besides that, I experience constant muscle twitches, all day long and everywhere.

The most recent I have that I am still dealing with currently is this strange headache that feels like a very tight band across my forehead. Alongside that, I also have this sensation of extremely cold air being blown right in the middle of my forehead.

Finally, I have become extremely heat intolerant. I feel hot when others feel cold or normal and the heat makes me feel weak and unable to function. It also triggers the tingling and numbness.

I am aware that these symptoms may look like MS but I haven’t had any signs of optic neuritis, foot drop or l’hermittes which are quite classic MS symptoms. I have seen several doctors and none of them appear to be worried. Is anybody familiar with this presentation of symptoms? Thanks in advance!
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Oh my, I do apologize for saying you had an appointment with a new PCP and Psychiatrist. This was from a post I read before yours. I sincerely apologize for that mistake. I meant no I’ll will.

Everything else not pertaining to those two subjects stand.
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If I may I ask a few personal questions? When I ask these question, please have an open mind. I understand that the world right now is very confusing. Up is down, right is left and there is more division then ever throughout our communities that stretches across the United States of America.

Question one: Have you ever tested positive for Covid-19?

Question 2: Have you been Vaccinated against Covid-19 at any time?  
If so, when we’re you vaccinated and have you been administered any booster shots?

Your symptoms seem to be mostly neurological, if not all neurological.

You also mentioned you are meeting with a new Primary Care Physician. I believe that is a good choice to get a second opinion. I know you also said you were getting depressed because of these collection of physical symptoms which is understandable, however; was this appointment you scheduled with a psychiatrist you’re choice or was that a recommendation from another person?  I know you may have already attended this appointment, but I strongly urge you to listen to your own body and mind. A more logical step might be to seek out a neurologist first. If you respond to this we can communicate more. If you do not I truly wish you the best of luck.

Please note: I am not a doctor of any kind. Any suggestions I have made are not intended for a person to blindly follow. You seem to be an intelligent young woman with free will. We all have free will. So, please use your free will along with your intellect and be sure you are making your own choices. You have a right not to be swayed, pushed or pressured into doing something you are not comfortable with by any other person. This most definitely includes me as well.
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