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White spots on MRI

White spots appearing on an MRI scan for an 18 year old, with severe stomach problems.
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Hi there. The white spots on MRI indicate areas which have been damaged.  The visual evoked potential is another method to detect damage to the white matter of the brain. Another test which needs to be done is a spinal tap with analysis of the fluid which can look for inflammation and abnormal anti body production, suggesting multiple sclerosis. Others to be considered are lyme’s disease and sarcoidosis, B12 levels, ESR, being a marker oh systemic inflammation and a marker for connective tissue diseases like ANA need to be tested. a positive VER and positive lumbar punchure showing oligoclonal bands in your spinal fluid are pointers to MS. Also, rule out lupus which can cause similar brain lesions. Take care.

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gertwert - I realize this is several years later, but better late than never.

DrSharma -  I think you misunderstood gertwert's question.  She made no mention of the MRI being of the brain.  In fact, she stated that the white spots were detected on a patient who had severe abdominal pain.  I would think that since he was having severe abdominal pain that the MRI would be of the abdomen - not the brain.

gertwert -  A lot depends on exactly where in the abdomen the white spots were detected & if they are in the musculature or in the abdomen themselves.  

Has your son had any subcutaneous injections?  Sometimes small white spots, called gluteal injection site granuloma will show up.  If this is the case, they are harmless & should resolve on their own.  If he has not had sub q injections, then there are several differential diagnosis that it can be.

Your best bet would be to ask the doctor who ordered the scan or read the actual radiology report to see what it says.
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