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disguested , tired , and hurting

what type of nerve or muscle damages or both can be detected by EMG/NCS testing? Or can't be?  Injuried pulling , lifting , and carrying cases of copy paper.[in range of 55-65 lbs.] So far, cervical strain, 2-slightly bulging disc, buring sensation around shoulders blades. and in between them. dull noticeable pain and discomfort in both shoulders[muscles and tendoms. tenderness and pain behind both elbows. back of both forearms[long muscle] pain and tenderness in middle of both wrists. fingers hurt when bending and straighting. now moved to left ankle and foot and toes. Also weakness, numbness which are aggrevating at times in areas stated. only taking flexeral. almost been 6-mths. since injuried. no treatment order yet. or any diagnosement. haven't been given test yet. insurence co. and their lawyer hesitance on approving procedure. Is there any chances of getting perm. nerve or muscle damage. my body ain't the same anymore.. only 42 yrs. old and feel like I'm much older. almost feel weak and tired all the time. please help.
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Thanks for the information.
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Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing all of this.  It is indeed possible to get nerve and muscle injuries from your type of work.  The normal wear and tear of our bodies tissues makes us more prone to these injuries.  However, this should not be permanent and such injuries can recover given adequate rest and time.  I suggest that you discuss with your doctors regarding rehabilitation exercises, as well as medications for neuropathies such as Vitamin B complex and/or neurontin.  Until then, make sure you have adequate rest and avoid stress as much as possible (though I understand this maybe hard to do).

Regards and God bless.
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