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eagle syndrome symptoms?

An ENT confirmed Eagle Syndrome, bilateral.  This was after excluding dental issue, eyestrain or problems, TMJ, stroke, etc (fI have a serious family history and PAD, personally).  The muscle relaxant my md gave me to try for a week last spring worked the best for the pain, but put me to sleep so I discontinued it.  

I went to a neurologist in August bec of 5 months of pain.  It is located in front of ears, behind jaws, radiating up to eyes and down to throat--adams apple and the back of my neck feels stiff.  I have since had periods of double vision, ears ringing or throbbing, and increasing difficulty swallowing.  I was missing several days of work at a time, he put me on the anti-seizure stuff they are using now which allows me to work but not effectively.  Took me off analgesics. It feels like I have the headache and sore throat of strep throat all the time, just less or more depending on the level of the Depakote.  My ENT doctor says he does not do or recommend the surgery for eagle syndrome; could my headaches be problems from a blood vessel growing into my ear or what?   I am deeply depressed due to the debillitation of my life from the pain.  Who should I go to for a second opinion?  What should I ask for? I do not have a history of depression before this condition.  I am 53 and female.
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I think you need another opinion.  Have you discovered anything since you wrote this?  I am 53 also and have Eagles Syndrome.  I'm in the process of trying to get to a doctor who treats this.  Write some more if you have gotten some help.  
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I'm a 49 year old male.
I had surgery about 1.5 years ago to remove my elongated styloid process.  Had one good year, symptom free after that and then slowly pain returned in the same area.  However, I no longer have the foreign body sensation and I don't have much problem swallowing.  The pain is more like a muscle spasm.  A cortisone injection gave me 3 more months pain free.  Another cortisone injection produced no results.  I suspect that I'm experiencing problems with the stylohyoid ligament re: calcification or ossification and will have to look at further surgery with my surgeon in Victoria BC
I saw three specialists before him, none of whom recommended or was willing to do surgery.  
Basically I'm happy I went through with the surgery even though it didn't last.  It just amazes me how big a **** shoot the treatment of this condition is.
Even my current surgeon, an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist always says to me... "you know as much as I do".  
I hear talk of Prolotherapy (injecting irritants to provoke the bodies natural healing process) but not much concrete evidence.
I wish the best for all you Eagle's Syndrome sufferers.  
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I was diagnosed with eagle syndrome in 2004.  Before that all dentists told me I had TMJ.  The oral surgeon who did the surgery told me that the pain sometimes would come back.  I had the surgery.. but my styloid process was not removed, I think the tip was fractured.  I was find for about a year and a half and then the pain slowly came back and is now worse than before. This is really frustrating.  I read somewhere that if the styloid process is completely removed, the pain would go away.  Not sure if this is true.
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I have eagles syndrome  thers not much info  on it   would like to know moore   I am 53years old  
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I am doing research on my own as I have had sharp eye pain for 5 years, pain in neck shooting into ear, on and off teeth pain (eye, ear and teeth are in good condition), yet they continue to hurt.Constant ringing in ears. Last year have had trouble swallowing and since June 2008 have had pain in throat and neck, Pain in throat is like pressure and trying not to cry, but much worse, It stings and burns after talking very long. Now I have pressure pain in my chest, Have had EKG, xrays-heart and lungs all good. I have had GERD and Barretts for 20 and 10 years. ENT says have LPR, and Hyoid bone inflammation. I go back to drs next week and going to ask if I have Eagle Syndrome. Also I think pain in chest is Cricopharyngeal Spasm, all makes sense.
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I am 21 years old and male. I havent been thouroughly diagnosed with eagles syndrome yet but I am 100 percent sure I have it. I am a very smart guy and do NOT trust what everyone says to me especially the so called "professionals". I can literally feel and SEE the stylohyoid process sticking out in the back of my throat but NOOO everyone told me its all in my head and I couldnt possibly have such a rare entity. What should I do? I am on my own with no health insurance and I dont even know who can treat this! Please help! If I leave this untreated what could happen?

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