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foot vibration

Not sure where to post this. A few days ago I had a sensation of the floor vibrating under one foot. Since then I have realized it is my foot. It is felt in bloth feet, one at a time. Never both at the same time. I feel it when I am standing r walking. It is like an intermittent buzzing sensation. It comes in short bursts on after the other then stops. It will happen when walking and I will feel it with every third or fourth step. What could be the cause? I am taking no medications, only slightly over weight and am a 47 yr. old female in good health.

This discussion is related to faint vibration or 'humming' sensation.
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Thanks for your blog. I started getting vibrations two days ago in my right foot and its driving me mad. I also have been getting pain down my leg and hip on the same side. I am going to see a chiropractor from your advice and really hope it helps.
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I too have the weird feeling of vibration and pulsation in one foot.  This happens only periodically and I have put it down to muscle damage after experiencing a badly sprained ankle some weeks ago.  The strange sensations started 4 weeks after having the sprain and although, uncomfortable, it is not painful.
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I too have the weird feeling of vibration and pulsation in one foot.  This happens only periodically and I have put it down to muscle damage after experiencing a badly sprained ankle some weeks ago.  The strange sensations started 4 weeks after having the sprain and although, uncomfortable, it is not painful.
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Mooker1975: I guess you can consider it weird how few doctors found out causes, but at the same time it's often just part of the way the body and especially the mind work. There are so many symptoms that have psychological causes, or combinations of physical and psychological causes.

It's amazing how the mind can magnify minor physical sensations, and as a result gets into a state of feedback and resulting anxiety about this.

I've experience this at different periods in my life, and I have to admit I still become the victim of this, however I'm also learning to "just deal with it".

I'm 39 years old, i've gone through a number of periods now where I "was sure I had this, and that", and it ***** because it has a negative effect on the way you should enjoy life at that moment.

But hey, 39 years later, and I'm still alive, seemingly healthy, and - at least as far as I know - with none of the terrible afflictions or diseases I thought I had at various times in my past.

You have to live now, you don't live if you're constantly worrying about the future!
For a long time, I kept asking people: "Do you feel the floor vibrating?" They would look at me like I was crazy. I finally realized it was something affecting my feet & legs. I "googled" body vibration. The medical sites I visited defined it as "Internal Tremors."  I don"t have anymore info than that. I have been diagnosed by MD's at Physical Rehab. Unknown still if it is some time of neruromuscular condition. I just wrote it off as another strange symptom. Working on the Neuro Diagnosis.
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Haha... I can't believe the forum considered the word s,u.c,k.s to be offensive in my previous post ;-)
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Had the same phone vibration issue as everyone else--in my right foot constantly--like a phone alarm on manners mode going off.
If I tried to put pressure on it, the vibration shifted slightly to another location down the foot. I knew it was a nerve and not a muscle as I couldn't feel any muscle vibrating when I touched it, and I also had vibrations in my torso area, though not as intense or as often.
After three days, my husband tried (via trial and error) massaging the muscle  and bone near where I felt the vibration. As he moved the muscle and bones in my foot, the vibrations stopped.  Once he stopped doing that, they started back again, but not as often or intently. After reading everyone's comments, I'm going to wait it out for a while and see if it goes away on its own, but if manipulation of muscle and bone is helpful, then a chiropractor or pediastrist will be my next step.
please people check  out nano morgellans and electronic targeting. took me years my entire body does this plus much more. It took me 4 years and I never watch sci fi..All doc reports are fine. This is caused by frequnecies and the nanos that are in our body now are picking up the signals. REad DR Halls site on electronic targeting and nanos..
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I've experienced the vibration in (mostly) my right foot at least once every few months for the last two years. I'm a 47 year old male in good overall health. I am thrilled to find this group, but surprised by how worried/scared/upset people are about it. Perhaps it is because I do not have a history of back/foot/general health problems, but I'm having fun with my "buzz"! I have also noticed it often happens while I meditate or soon after, so that could also be why I associate it more positively.
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The same thing keeps happening in my left foot.  Has anyone gone to see about this and if so what was your outcome.  This has been happening to me for some time now.
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hey, hows your heel now? i have the same sensation after having massage, and its been two months. worry me all the time. Have u found out why?
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I had this vibration feeling too. Just wanted to tell you guys how I dealt with it:

I tried tums, and while it did seem to help, the problem also came back, and then went away again, regardless of the tums.

I talked to my doctor, and he reassured me that it was just a temporary thing, and was perfectly normal to feel

However, if you have it for a prolonged period, or if you feel NUMBNESS or PAIN associated with it, see your doctor and let them know!
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I'm worried sick about this vibration in my right foot. It's pretty constant. I have vascular issues, I stand 12 hrs a day due to my work. Your post stating that years have gone by and nothing terrible happened was comforting since I'm only 48.
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Hey guys, 23 yo male here in good shape with no pre-existing medical conditions (except occasional lower back pain).

I've had this sensation in my left foot for the last 3 days. Like many of you it is a vibrating feeling on the lateral side of my foot, kind of in the middle. It seemed to come out of nowhere and started as 1 second 'buzzes' every 6-7 seconds. That consistency lasted a day, then lessened. Since then, the sensation seems to come in different 'stages'. For 2 hours I may just feel a persistent 'tingling' in the area of my foot. Or for 3 hours I might feel 8 second long vibrations that lessen in intensity over the 8 seconds then repeat twice a minute. Often though, it just reverts back to the rhythmical buzzing every 10 seconds or so. At no point has it completely disappeared.

Fearing an an inflammation of the sciatica nerve, I have been taking 6 ibuprofen tablets a day, though I'm not sure if that has been effective or not. This morning I bought some B-Complex pills and, on the recommendation of our Chinese friend above, a bunch of calcium pills. I also had a lower back remedial massage to see if that would help (so far no luck).

I am going to see the Doc this afternoon, and maybe ask for a reference to see a neurologist or something. Maybe I will see chiro, as that seems to have worked for a number of people here.

I'm really hoping this doesn't last too much longer as it is (almost literally) driving me to insanity. I'm a student and its almost impossible to study with this weird sensation in my foot. I would be really interested to hear back from the one-time posters above regarding how long it took for the sensation to disappear, and what measures you took for it to dissipate.

I'll report back when its gone and fill you all in on my experience.
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Went to the doctor and while he seemed a bit baffled by the symptom, he gave me some pretty useful information. Dismissed peripheral neuropathy as he said that the sensation is too localized. Didn't think it was a b12 deficiency based on that as well. Also didn't think it had to do with my sciatic nerve as it was too localized. He prescribed me a strong anti-inflammatory drug and said if it hadn't improved within a few days, to get an ultra-sound done on my foot. He suspects that I have somehow irritated a nerve between my metatarsals. I'm a bit skeptical of this claim since I haven't been doing anything that reasonably could have irritated it, and I am not experiencing any pain whatsoever.

In any case, he said to wear good shoes all the time from now on, and take the anti-inflammatory and see what happens. He said that if there is no improvement then more measures will need to be taken like seeing a podiatrist and possibly a neurologist.

As an aside, I had a work party last night and drank a little more than I intended. While inebriated the vibration COMPLETELY disappeared. I'm not suggesting getting drunk as a treatment for this annoying ailment, just thought I would mention it for any one who has any interest.

Also I have found that when the vibration is very present, going for a drive seems to help a little bit. This could be that the vibration of the car soothes the foot or nerve or whatever. I don't know why but it seems to help. So if any of you have some kind of vibrating object (I'm sure some dirty minded folk just raised their eyebrows) it may help to rest your foot on it while your sitting down.
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8 days since vibration started.

I can feel that it is slowly, but steadily improving. The vibrations are fewer and further between, and diminished in intensity. While it has not all together disappeared, I am relieved that there seems to be some improvement.

My suspicion is that I somehow irritated a nerve between my 3rd and 4th metatarsal. While there was no pain, and no discernible cause, this seems to be the most likely scenario. If you have little history of back pain or other medical problems, I would suggest going to your doctor and suggesting this. Get a prescription anti-inflammatory in that case and WEAR GOOD, SOFT, SUPPORTIVE PADDED SHOES. You simply have to take care of your foot.

Think of it as something like a sprained ankle. You have to give it time to heal, and create circumstances conducive to that healing process.

However, from all the research I have conducted since I started experiencing 'the buzz', it is clear that there are a-thousand-and-one possible causes to this problem.
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To those of you who have wandered onto this forum in search of help because your foot has been vibrating for half a day, I suggest the following course of action.

1. Accept that this sensation is not going to disappear over night - From all the research I have done it seems that the vibration will generally last 3 days to 14 days. For some people it has improved a lot faster and for others it has taken months. But, ON AVERAGE, it will get better in this timeframe.

2. Consider your medical history, and current medical conditions - Ask yourself these questions in particular: Do I suffer from any neurological conditions? Do I suffer from back pain? Is this something that has happened before? Is the buzzing in both feet or just one? Is there any pain? Have I been REALLY tired lately?

You need to listen to your body. If there is pain associated with the buzzing, particularly running up and down the leg, its probably an issue with your sciatic nerve. If you are feeling the buzzing in both feet, it could be peripheral neuropathy. If you have been really tired lately, it could be a B12 deficiency
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(continuing on)

It's probably none of the above. Most likely, you have irritated a nerve in your foot somehow. This could have been through wearing bad shoes, changing shoes as of late, or just twisting your foot in the wrong way or stepping on a pebble. Like me, there may be no reasonable explanation, it just happened. If you have pain directly in the region of the vibration it could be a Neuroma.

3. Book an appoint with your doctor - Let's be realistic, it's probably nothing. The vast majority of people who have posted on this forum experienced the symptoms for a week, then it went away without ever coming back. This being said, it is also highly irregular and your doctor should know about it. Be safe guys.

4. Be pro-active - Chances are you won't be able to get into to see your doctor for a day or two. In the mean time its time to start taking measures of your own. Start taking ibuprofen, as much as is safe. If you have irritated a nerve, it will be inflamed and you need to get that swelling down. The same is true if you have an inflamed sciatic nerve. The doctor will give you something stronger, but this is good in the mean time. Also go to the shops and get a B-complex vitamin, Magnesium vitamin, and a standard multi-vitamin. Take these as advised. It may also help to start applying ice to the foot.

5. (From my experience) external vibration applied to the foot helps ease the sensation - I'm serious about this. Find something that vibrates. I have a portable, fold-up massage chair that has a vibrate feature. All I did was lay it out flat and rest my foot on there for 15 mins. This TEMPORARILY stops the buzzing. It's good for when you are about to go to sleep. If you don't believe me on this take off your shoes when you go for a 20 minute drive or something. The vibration from the engine will give a similar effect.

6. Ask your doctor if he/she thinks it is wise to see podiatrist/neurologist/chiropractor or someone who can conduct an ultrasound on your foot - these guys may be able to help you further.

7. Don't be concerned - Yes, it's an annoying sensation. Yes it is scary, but only because it is a sensation that we haven't really felt before. A nerve is misfiring and that is definitely not normal. But just because you have a vibrating foot doesn't mean you have MS or Parkinsons. For the vast majority of people this will disappear within a fortnight.

Don't stress about it too much. Try to ignore it if possible (its hard I know). This will go away.
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Almost forgot - WEAR GOOD SHOES. Seriously wear your supportive and padded running shoes throughout this.
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Had almost forgot, but as a final update:

My vibrations completely disappeared by day 13. Since then I haven't experienced anything similar to that sensation, so I'm confident its gone.

Good luck everybody!
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Two days ago I 'bumped' into the foot pedal on a DeWalt planer stand. It was like hitting a table leg kind of bump. I did an ow!! and looked down there was a six inch gash on my shin that was bleeding like a river. Got to the hospital and had 9 stitches. (itches like crazy)
but now when I walk I have the vibration on the bottom of my foot. like all of you describe as buzzing. it's annoying and worrisome because of the injury. really don't know what to do now.
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I only just noticed feeling the vibrations on my right foot last night. I woke up from a cramp in my right calf muscles and felt something like there's a leaking tube in my leg. As the pain slowly got better, I started noticing the vibrations in my right foot, around the ankle and the sole. The vibrations are intermittent - lasting up to 1.5 seconds and comes on about every 2-4 seconds. This morning, I noticed it again while sitting down with my right foot planted on the floor. When I changed positions to feel around my foot, placing my right ankle on my left knee (making a number 4 with my legs), the vibrations disappeared for a while then came back again.

I'm an overweight female, 26 yrs old, Filipino, with history of diabetes in the family, prone to headaches and migraines.
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If nothing else "medically" avails itself as the defining statement of cause on this forum then perhaps you should seek answers elsewhere.
The following process can take days to begin and years to complete; and it necessarily depends on the biology of the person being transformed. There are noted cases of passive transformations: persons whom are unknowingly transformed in a non-participatory manner. Evolution does not ask for permission. Have you ever wondered how we go to this current evolutionary stage from points in the distant past, when our semblances were far less humanoid?

“When kundalini is activated, it then enters the body via the base chakra and then rises along the primarily channel in the body and completes a circuit … Usually the symptoms start at the left big toe” …
“then the left hip, then the left shoulder and lastly the left side of the skull. After this the right leg will activate, then the right hip. Next both hip joints will then work together and the pelvic bowl energy will build into a vortex of energy and the tailbone will activate. Then energy is then sent up the spine to the shoulder girdle. The energy next will traverse across the shoulder girdle from the left to the right side and go back and forth for a while, then all arm meridians will activate and the arms will feel tingly. Lastly the energy will travel up the spine to the skull and activate the right side of the skull. Finally the energy in the skull will combine forming a vortex of energy there and be sent back down the spine once it’s established. Next you will feel nervous connections being made to the spinal column and breast bone. During this activation process you will distinctly feel the energy traveling the paths through the body rapidly, activating and joining energy to make the main connections along the Central Nervous System pathway.”

The first quote is taken from: http://www.innerhealingpath.com/article2.htm
The second quote is taken from: http://phoenixtools.org/stages-kundalini-awakening/
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I am so happy but sorry at the same time to know I'm not losing my mind! I was sitting on the couch and stared tearing it apart looking for a vibrating cell phone and never found it. So I sat in the chair and still felt it and realized it was my foot. So I googled it like I do everything in my life and found you guys. If anyone knows exactly what it is please let me know?
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What you've done, as far as I can tell, is done some damage to your sciatic nerve.

Do the following for immediate results: (has worked for me and someone else with the same problem)

Do situps (full range of motion, really stretch past your knees, and lean forward, grab on to something if you need to for a full "stretch") Do as many as you can... really exhaust your back and "core" as much as possible. 50-60 situps.

This is a known stretch for people with sciatic nerve problems, and it may very well cure alot of people who have come here. Best of luck!
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I too have had the vibrations in my right foot and now my left foot, used to have the cell phone in my left pocket, and I have had sciatic pain and needed to stretch more before and after walking.  I also sit too much all day.  I am 53 so age and walking too much could contribute to the Sciatic nerve being pinched by the bun mussel.  I have been doing stretches like sit ups and crossing my knee over to the chest of the other side of the body too.   They do seem to help.   For overall nerve health, limit consumption of alcohol too it seems to make it worse, stretch before and after walking and at least once at night before bed.  I also find soaking in a hot tub sometimes helps for a bit.   I like the latest post about the Sciatic Nerve and would say it is  related based on my experience too.
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Oh, and MEN, do not sit on your wallet....
I just realized I was sitting on mine, and I normally put it in the front pocket.  The sciatic nerve is right under the wallet on the bun mussel....
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I have something similar to this. It feels like a throbbing and a subtle tingling in my left foot. And last night, I noticed I can even feel it when I touch that foot with my other foot. Which makes me think it's vascular, but I've been told in the past it's not.

I have a bone spur in that foot, on the heel. I also have fallen arches,a little more in the left. My chiro said in the past it could be a nerve impingement. I also have tight muscles in my back and shoulders/neck. I was treated with cold laser therapy on my foot, didn't seem to help. I do 'scrunchies' with my feet (an exercise where you scrunch your feet against the floor) and that doesn't seem to help. I do a number of other phys therapy exercises but I haven't seen an improvement.

I was also told that having surgery to treat this could cause the feeling to increase due to scar tissue.

I never heard of ecalyptis oil to help it--I'll ask my chiro. But that would seem like it's temporarily treating the symptom, not the cause.

I feel like I have to keep moving that foot so I don't feel the throbbing/tingling--I can't just lie it still. Makes it hard to sleep, and I have trouble sleeping anyway.

Has anyone found a cause and reliable treatment? This has been getting worse and it's freaking me out, not to mention very annoying.
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Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism causes an increased requirement for B-vitamins.  The pulsating/buzzing parethesias are likely a deficiency in folate/B6/B12.  I think what happens in may cases is after a viral infection some develop autoimmune thyroiditis which causes a functional deficiceny in B vitamins, causing the parethesias..  Of course there are other causes of thyroid disorders or avitamosis as well.
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Hello everyone, I have had the exact same symptoms as most everyone here.  Read every post and after a week and half of the "vibrating"  I finally said enough and went to doctors, the doctor said its just to much stress put on my feet(which makes sense, I'm a mason worker always on my feet and lifting heavy objects)and that I need better shoes and insoles. Seems all the stressing out was  unwarranted , but I do have to say just going into the doctors office really eased my mind. Specially when I asked if this was forever, answer is no!! So in most cases we are just overworking ourselves. So take it easy and relax it will go away;)) good luck everyone!
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My foot started vibrating last night.  The vibrations are about 1 second in duration and repeat about every 5 to 6 seconds.

I've done a quick inventory of any recent changes in my life and here is what I believe to be the suspect (time will tell).

I live in central Arizona where the average daily high has been around 100+ for most of the summer.  It is now October.  3 weeks ago I came to Northern Arizona (Lakeside-Pinetop) to help a friend and his some put siding on his house.  

In Central Arizona in the summer I am very hot most of the day and drink at least a gallon of water daily, in the form of a 12 ounce glass of water almost every hour.

In Norther Arizona (October) with daily highs around 65 and overnight lows around 35, I am C-O-L-D and I am not naturally inclined to drink water so I now realize I have  been drinking probably no more than   16 ounces of water a day.

So as one of the other post here suggests I believe dehydration may be a prime culprit.  Will begin re hydration today and report back in a few days

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After a month of this 2 doctors visits I believe it's  morton's neuroma research that for help:) good luck
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As of about 12 hours ago I have an intermittent/pulsing foot. It buzzes every few seconds, like a mobile phone on vibrate (but more softly). Obviously I'm concerned its a MND, like MS. That being said, has anyone here actually been diagnosed with MS off the back of this sensation (I guess most people don't come back onto this forum to post after the sensation goes away...)?

Having read all 294 responses to-date, I see a high correlation between the buzzing sensation and anxiety/stress - coincidence?
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I've had the buzzing for 46 days it's finally going away it's not MS or  diabetes it's a inflamed or pinched nerve between the toes.( morton's neuroma ) Due from to tight of shoes and not proper support. An injured nerve can take up to 3 months to heal, so take it easy on your foot. They say ice the foot but I found applying heat worked much better. If after 3 months you can go in to get Cortizone shot or  ethanol shots to ease the nerves and in extreme cases surgery to take out the nerve. 80% get better on own. I've done days of research and 2 doctors appointments. First just a blood test to eliminate  diabetes or infection. I know it's difficult to deal with but it will get better, body just needs time to heal just R-E-L-A-X;)
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I'm into my third day now with the intermittently buzzing foot. I have noticed that there are some positions that will shut off the buzzing temporarily, perhaps a few mins or more at a time. Generally these positions involve sitting down and either leaning forward or otherwise increasing pressure on my bum. I can't find any position that stops the buzzing while standing.

Even in these positions, the reprieve is temporary, either the buzzing comes back after a few minutes (without changing position), or even the slightest shift in position will bring the buzz back. I am seriously worried about MS or brain tumors.
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It's not ms:) I know how your feeling been there!! Mine is almost gone now but took almost 2 months it's just a irritated nerve in between your toes. You can't stop it when your standing cause your putting pressure  on your     metatarsals And that pinches the inflamed nerve
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After 3 days the sensation has stopped. Towards the end (ie the last half day or so) I noticed that the more I kept still, the longer between buzzes (generally, not always), and any slight movement or shift would sort of 'reset' the buzz intervals. I got a brain mri, which was clear, and the neurologist (who is a leading specialist in London in ms and other mnd's) conclusion following the mri ands physical exam was that it was a combination of inflamed nerve (probably in my back) and exacerbated by stress. The gp I saw prior to the neurologist had prescribed me some proponol, which the neurologist told me to stay on for a few weeks, and then to observe if it came back thereafter. Incidentally, he said ALS was not a risk as I was presenting sensory issues, which ALS does not present with (and I was having no weakness). He also recommended I stay on b12, although I didn't get my vitamins tested with my blood work (all other bloods were normal).
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Do any of you work with vibrating tools/on vibrating platforms etc. on a daily basis?  If so, you may have something called vibration white feet/foot.  It is best to go to your family doctor and have them refer you to an occupational health physician who can assess you for the condition.  If you are experiencing numbness, tingling, whitening of the feet and toes; please get checked out as soon as possible.  At this point, there is no known cure for the condition except prevention.  
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This was great, coming here and seeing that I am not crazy.  My left foot started the cell-phone buzz about three days ago, for the first time.  Very much what others are talking about.  I am 66 a bit of a belly, but otherwise very healthy.  Mine were about 1 second long and every 5-6 seconds.  I am a big chiropractic fan, but I am living in central Mexico and haven't found a reliable one yet.  The gentlemen (above) back in 2012 who had a chiropractor who knew how to deal with it was great to hear.  Ultrasound and B12.  Also the folks who did eucalyptus oil, that I can do, too.

I have some VERY different ointment that seems to have done the trick.  NOT a common ointment.  It's called "Pomade de Peyote" - Ointment of Peyote. It's an indigenous product, no telling how many centuries old...  It's really good for local pain in general, and I thought maybe it would help and it definitely seems to have worked. I'd had the vibrating for about 3 days, and it's now been gone two days, after about 2 applications at bedtime.  So far, so good.

I DOUBT that it is available in the USA without a prescription.  Mine was OTC and VERY cheap - like $2.40 US for a jar the size of a Vaseline jar.

They DO have some interesting ointments and medicines down here.
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For the past year or so, I have had the same buzzing feeling in the bottoms of my feet as others have described on numerous medical websites. It feels like a tiny vibrator on the inside of the foot. The buzzing is in both of my feet and on rare occasions my groin and left pinky. I can also feel the buzzing when I touch it with my fingers.

I’m a vegetarian and take B12 supplements, so it is not a B12 deficiency. I don’t sit on my wallet, so it is not my sciatic nerve. It is not my shoes, either. This happens whether I am in shoes or not in shoes. I also have not had any spinal issues, nerve damage, thyroid problems, MS, Celiac disease, Lyme disease, or Parkinson’s—as others have tried to label these physical sensations. Yes, this could be something wrong with the body, but for 50 years my body never buzzed mechanically before. I ask that you consider another possibility—an alien/MKUltra/secret government possibility. I am not saying this is what it is; I am saying that it is a strong possibility based on my current experiences.

I deal with attacks from the secret government, negative dimensional beings, and negative aliens on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, they are attacking me as I type this because they do not want this information in the mainstream.

From what I can gather, this could either be a physical implant, an etheric implant, a mental projection, or some other type of negative technology. It seems to draw in addictive behaviors and emotional stress—like anxiety. That is part of the plan that the secret government and aliens use to control the masses. The negative secret government wants you physically and emotionally stressed so they can control you. If you are calm and at peace, you cannot be controlled as easily. That is why they do all they can to stop someone from progressing spiritually. They prefer to keep the masses afraid and stressed so they can control you as puppets and slaves.

If you want to find out more information about alien and secret government implants, I suggest you research the following: “alien implants and gallbladder meridian”, “MKUltra mind control”, “etheric implants”, “chemtrails”, and “alien new world order agenda”.

I hope this provides you with some useful information. I will not be coming back to this post for any responses or conversations. I wish you the best of luck.
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I have not had this until today, 3 months I had surgery. I have a titanium screw in my ankle. This morning I thought my exercise bracelet was left on the bed or something because it has a silent alarm to wake you up. This actually woke me up. I even started to try to see if there was a pattern, (like morse code lol)...anyway, I thought maybe the screw in my bone was receiving signals or something lol. Anyone else?

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You need to see a Dr. Don't come up with your own conclusion then ask a chiropractor. You already know the answer if you ask him or her. The chiropractor will say its nerve damage or you need to get more work done by him. I have bubbling in my head and vibrations in my foot every 6 seconds when it occurs. This could be a blood clot somewhere in your body going to your brain feeling it in your foot, you don't know. Please take my advice. Get the right advice from a primary doctor and go to wherever he or she tells you to. Chiropractors are not doctors in the sense of something so particular
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Hi I have a burning and dizzling feeling in my both foot heels which started like 8 months ago! Last night the vibration feeling is added to the burning feeling as well! I have done MRI from whole back and foot, which came normal. I have done also blood test which came again normal (which is good news). But do you know why I have these two annoying feelings on my foot heels? doctors say everything is fine!
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Hi I have a burning and dizzling feeling in my both foot heels which started like 8 months ago! Last night the vibration feeling is added to the burning feeling as well! I have done MRI from whole back and foot, which came normal. I have done also blood test which came again normal (which is good news). But do you know why I have these two annoying feelings on my foot heels? doctors say everything is fine!
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I'm experiencing something like that as well. It happens every minute and roughly 10 seconds to every minute and 30 seconds. I'm timing it with my phone right now. I'm on lap 25 and it has never started happing less than a minute and eight seconds to a minute and 38 seconds.every time that my foot buzzes it only does it 2-3 short buzzes and stops.  It's always in the exact same spot on my foot and feels a lot like the vibration of a cell phone. Anybody know what this is? Super weird!
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oh and it has never missed  and interval. It is not random. It is predictable up to a minute an it is predictable  with in 25-30 seconds
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Sorry typo what I meant to say was that it is predictable within 25 to 30 seconds
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A+ reply, thank you for easing my concern (:
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Yeah, putting my foot on something that vibrates actually works.  I plugged in a nebulizer, put my foot on it and found relief for my consistently vibrating nerve on my left foot, and it stopped the vibrating for a while (that was on July 5th, the second day I had vibrating nerve on my foot).   I stopped drinking caffeine for two days, and I also started using blue emu oil (got it at Wal-mart).  Not sure which of those things helped, if they even helped.  But, the buzzing in my foot went away by the end of the third day.  It does look like most people have been averaging this condition 3-14 days.
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I too had the exact same symptoms of regular vibrating of my left ankle only.  Figured I had slept wrong on the couch the other night.  Here is what worked for me.  While laying in bed reading through all of these posts, I decided to do some back stretches.  I laid flat on my back, crossed my legs at the ankle and then pulled my knees to my chest wrapping my arms around them and gently pulling for several minutes.  I repeated this exercise several times and the vibrations are completely gone.  
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Been having something similar to this since August last year. Visited doctors, which don't pay too much attention to the details, mostly shrug it off. Neurologist did an EMG test which came out as OK.

Been taking a stronger dosage of B12 10000 microgram (Adenosylcobalamine & Methylcobalamine) along with 2400 microgram folatic acid for 2 months, notice no difference.

Can sense vibrations really strongly in left foot, thigh and pounding (heart ?) in the chest. If there's music somewhere and I'm sitting or laying down I can clearly feel it, heartbeat also but that's a lot less bad. Once I'm completely motionless the vibration goes away (not for vibration from music).
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Hi all. Just wanted to share my experience in case it may be helpful to someone. Just for the record I am 34, female and in great health. About two weeks ago I had an acute muscle twitch in my lower left lip that was visible if you looked at my face. Every few seconds or so my lip muscle would twitch outward as if there was a little poltergeist trying to kick his way out. As I had no other symptoms I went to bed hoping it would be gone in the morning, and so when I woke up at 5am and realised it was still there I started to panic. I went to the emergency room a few hours later and of course the twitching stopped the minute I sat down to register. The doctor ruled out any signs of a stroke and sent me to a neurologist who also didn't know what to say, as I passed all his muscle and reflex tests. We ran some blood tests to check my electrolytes and he said to come back in 2 weeks if no other symptoms appeared. Meanwhile, that same week, I noticed that my left heel started to buzz/vibrate while I was lying on the couch. Like many on this forum the vibrations would come and go in intervals. No pain, very localised, but I was so aware of them happening that I couldn't help but lose sleep over it. Doctor Google seemed to point to paresthesia, among other scarier prognoses.

I was already taking B12 but upped my supplementation of other B Vitamins after reading the various comments in this forum. I also gave myself a warm foot bath, massaged my foot with tiger balm, propped by legs up for 30 mns... but nothing seemed to work. Then two days later, just when I changed my appointment with the neurologist to see him the very next day, I got a new symptom. I started what felt like a wave of tightness and tingles from my left jaw all the way up to my left cheekbone, left temple and down the left side of my neck. I wasn't numb but just very tight and stiff. More googling seemed to point to TMJ, but by this point I was a nervous wreak, with all these symptoms appearing in such a short amount of time. The next day I explain everything to the neurologist but as my blood tests returned within range, and since my foot vibrations were so localised and were just a "feeling" and not visible, he didn't think my new symptoms were anything to worry about and dismissed me. He just told me to relax, which did make me feel better (in the meantime my self-assessed TMJ symptoms were improving slowly) but I still wanted the foot buzzing to stop. The next morning I woke up to my right thigh muscle twitching and to some random headaches that came and went in waves on both sides of the temples and head. The right edge of my tongue also started to tingle and I was getting some small twitches just below my left eye. That was it, I knew something was still wrong.

This entire time magnesium deficiency kept popping up as a possible diagnosis but since my blood test came back "within range" I didn't consider it. Turns out...that was exactly my problem! I've been supplementing since 2 days with magnesium tablets and I'm happy to say that ALL my symptoms have disappeared as well as my chronic anxiety. After much research I discovered that Serum Magnesium Levels (or Serum Total Magnesium) is the most common biomarker tested for but also the least accurate as less then 1% of total body magnesium is found in serum. So even though my Serum Magnesium came back within the range I could still be deficient in magnesium, as most magnesium exists in our bones and cells.

Moral of the story is try supplementing with magnesium if you are experiencing twitching, tingling, anxiety, headaches and other muscular/nerve related symptoms! If you want to test your levels first you will want to get a RBC Magnesium Test (not Serum) and look for an optimal range of 6.0-6.5 mg/dL, according to Dr. Carolyn Dean. When you are low in magnesium your body takes it from cells for use elsewhere. So if these red blood cells are lacking magnesium then you have an early indicator of deficiency.

Good luck everyone and thanks for reading this far :-)
Errata Corrige: the buzzing was in my right heel (not left).
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