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ths is my first time so i have a long question i have had pain in my shoulder and arm and chest for about 5 months on my left side had a lot of test my heart is fine they say now i have muscle weakness in my arm and shoulder went back they say it is acidreflux that's all they say when i go now i have been having numbness in my nose and throat dizzness pain in my mouth eyes and itching in my ears and eyes i am sick everyday i can not foces on any thing can't lay down to much pain in my arm and shoulder they just say keep taking the meds. for the reflux because my blood wrk is normal  
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thank you you told me more than my doc. i will do that thanks
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Go to a sports clinic, they're listed in the phone book.  If your area doesn't have one, find the yellow pages for a larger city near you, and go to one there.  They'll fix your arm deal.  As for your nose, throat, eyes and ear symptoms, could be a separate problem with your sinuses being clogged up and infected.  Go to an ear nose throat ENT specialist, and he can look up in your nose and see what's going on in there.

In the meantime, rest your injured arm, maybe make a sling out of an old shirt and keep it in there when you're up and about.  When you rest in the evenings and watch TV, lean your shoulder on a hot water bottle, heat eases pain...so do hot baths.  Take aspirin with milk to decrease inflammation.  For your nose, at the pharmacy get a PLAIN saline nose spray and squirt in there a couple times a day, to help it drain better...also drink extra water, it also helps drain the sinuses.
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well because i was in the hospital for 4 day in december they did alot of test on my heart so now all they say when i go is it is acid reflux and maybe depression so they say iguess they dont want to do any more test on me they didnt even really address the numbness in my head they say if it still is happening in a month came back in to the er
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All I can tell you is my own experience with a forever injury in my shoulder/ arm/ chest area.  I used to stay physically fit, weighed the right amount, and something came up, can't remember the situation, but I didn't get to exercise for about a month.  Well, when I went back to my exercises, which included pushups, I tore SOMEthing in my left shoulder/ arm/ chest area, too!  Now, I was in my 40s when that happened.  To this day, I cannot do anything to terribly stressful to that part of my body, or I wind up with it hurting like the devil for weeks.

I looked my injury up, sounded like a "rotator cuff injury," and perhaps that's what you have.  The only thing that makes mine stop hurting is not to use it for a long time.  I had to switch over to my right arm to do even the simplest things, kind of protected the left side, you know, until it quit hurting.  I've never had it looked at, but I suppose you could visit a sports injury clinic, they'll know exactly what is wrong and how to treat it.  

But how in the world they said acid reflux is causing your arm pain is BEYOND me.  The only other thing it might be is something going on in the lymph glands in the armpit, in which case a normal doctor can check those and make sure they're a normal size.
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I'm just another  person like you dealing with pain in me left arm, shoulder and neck.  It is a sharp piercing pain that goes all the way up to the shoulder and neck.  I have been checked all over, MRI, MRA, spinal tap, EEG, EKG and other test too numerous to mention. My left arm is very weak and if I try to use it, the pain is excruciating. I can't sleep on it and it wakes me in my sleep. My neurologist latest diagnosis is it is all in my head. Depression. Get over it.  

Oh, don't let them give you a lumbar puncture (spinal tap), the pain from that is a mega tsunami of unrelenting pain that lasts for days or weeks.
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