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tremors and back pain

My wife has numerous seemingly unrelated problems. She has cronic migraines, fybromyalgia, tremors in hands and feet, bone spurs on all discs from s1 up to top of her neck. She has extreme back pain, fatigue, tingling in legs as well as numbness in her leg. Her weight may be a partial contributing factor and due to pain she has reduced her activity level and has gained alot of weight. Her doctor seems to be treating her symptoms but I am worried that there might be a far more serious problem that is continuing to  cause her downward spiral. She now has to use a cane and will soon have to be using a walker. She is 52 and 2 years ago she was fine. Are there any additional diagnosis that could account for all her problems.
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I would suggest sending her to a NS for MRI's of her brain w/wo contrast and also her cervical spine, t spine and Lspine.......there is a condition that is sometimes misdx'd as fibro....and it is possible to have this condition and fibro....it's called chiari malformation...we have a forum here on medhelp...check out the health pages and see if the symptoms fit....the tests she should have besides looking for chiari r ....lupus...MS....lymes....there r so many conditions with the same symptoms.....her symptoms sound alot like mine and I have chiari and fibro. I am not in the medical profession, but would suggest u have her tested and rule some of these things out.The sooner she has a dx, the sooner she can receive treatments.

Good luck
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Thank you. She is going for a head mri tomorrow. She has  already had a full spinal mri with and without contrast and is also going for a exray of her leg ( not sure why )
I know there are alot of people out there struggling with similar problems but it is hard to see the one you love go down hill so rapidly.
thank you again
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