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Calcified Cephalohematoma Removal - Right Parietal Region


I will be posting this question in the cosmetic surgery section of this site as well, as I have been referred to both craniofacial surgeons, as well as neurosurgeons.

I was born with a congenital deformity.  It's a cephalohematoma on the top, back-right side of my head (hence Right Parietal region, from what I can gather).  It was quite large, and as most cephalohematomas go away on their own, little to no treatment was performed.  Unfortunately, the thing calcified, and I have been left with a pretty big bump on my head.  It hasn't been an issue for most of my life, as it has been covered up by thick hair.  Unfortunately, genetics happens to be giving way to early male pattern baldness.  I'm 21, losing hair rapidly and diffusely, and fear that, once I shave my head, this bump is going to look quite deformed.  Rough measurements, I would say, are 1.5-2" in diameter (it's almost perfectly round), sticking out about 3/4 of an inch.

Based on a few scholarly journals and some quick research, I feel this calcified hematoma can be removed with the right surgeon.  Here are some quick links to answers I've found:

I'm looking for some general advice, and to be pointed towards someone who can help me out.  This issue is causing severe psychological stress, and I would really like to get it taken care of ASAP.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. This is quite the site.
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A wide angle open V-shaped incision is the answer, the right parietal boss is best covered with biological cement and not by porex.
this is the job of neurosurgeons in most of the universal schools and the famous chapter is simply a standard cranioplasty.
the neurosurgeon will prepare 2 units of pached red blood cells, and the best surgical position is prone to lateral.
best of luck
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