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Burning in nose, weird smells and taste

I'm getting some weird symptoms and wonder if they're related to a nutrition deficiency.  

I've got a strong burning sensation in my nose which is very annoying.  If I open my mouth, I can feel the burn in the front of my teeth and tongue.  This has been going on over a year.

Lately, I've been experiencing another odd symptom.  Sometimes when I eat or drink certain foods, I get this strange, pungent taste.  Kind of like horseradish, cilantro and ammonia mixed together.  Has happened while eating: salad, cole slaw, clam chowder, chocolate and enchiladas. (Not every time, though).  Once while drinking strong coffee and eating a scone.  The strange smell problem I've noticed while urinating, and occasionally taste it in my mouth.  Like roast beef gravy and ashes...yuck!

I've had lab work done a few months ago and all was fairly normal.  I'm overweight but active, and my cholesterol is a bit high but not extreme.  I have acid reflux/GERD but have been on Pepcid for a long time.

I'm nearly 47 and am pretty sure I'm perimenopausal.  Have had some hot flashes and my periods are getting to be abnormal.  Currently I'm a week overdue and still haven't had one yet.

Any possible explanation?

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How is your dental status? The nose, mouth, and esophagus are all linked together at the back of the mouth. It sounds like you may possible have some issues from stomach acid coming up from the GERD. I suggest you go to your MD and have your esophagus and GERD checked out. Also see your dentist.
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