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Hello. My name is zahraa. I want to loss wight so Im just wondering what I have to eat and not to eat like for breakfast what do I have to eat to loss wight and also for lunch, dinner and snack and thank you.
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Your weight is between the 50-25th percentile for your age. The weight you are at an ideal for your height. You do not need to lose weight. You can tone-up your body by exercising. Aerobic exercises would be good, such as walking, stair stepping, dancing, and biking. These exercises help your heart and body to stay healthy. Yoga is another form of exercise to try also. Women, as a rule, do not "bulk" up muscle like men do; however, you will increase lean body muscle mass as you tone up the body’s muscles. When you start exercising, measuring your waist is a better indicator then the weight scale. Exercising tones up our muscles (muscle is heavier then fat) so you may not see weight loss, however, your waistline is decreasing. Thank you for your question.
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just try fruits diet for 1st week and after that add some fiber foods for one month and also do some exercise by the side. if you follow this you will really get a good result.
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And another important matter. done ever skip your breakfast, it is very important for your health instead you can reduce the quantity of lunch, snack and dinner.
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