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Hcg2 injections

What is your opinion of the hcg injections for losing weight? I read Dr. Simeons's manuscript and blogs of those that have done it. I am considering ordering the vials (enough to lose 30 lbs.) I am aware of the phases and the 500 calorie diet plan. My concern is that I am presently on 3 meds- 1 for blood pressure, cymbalta for fibro and premarian for hormone. It suggesst that you do not take any meds during this diet period. What do you suggest?
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Research has shown that the hCG quick weight loss fad method will decrease your weight, however, once the treatment is over and you go back to eating normally the weight will return. You are controlling your blood pressure with medication, so it is not wise to stop that medication. Recommend traditional methods to lose weight and support groups such as Weight Watchers which is healthier and teaches life changes with diet.
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