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Help my meds make me constipated???

Hello Doctor,

This is a very important question for me.

Currently I am on 110mg of methadone which is making me terribly constipated, so i been trying different kinds of laxatives, suppositories and pills to help me move it along. It is very uncomfortable. So I'm looking for a good lax number one.  

Part two of my question is that now that i been on the program for a few months im trying to focus on living a healthy lifestyle, losing weight and exercising a couple/few times a week.  I've heard laxatives will help move along my extremely slow metabolism along, i eat healthy and drink tons of water.I know Dulcolax will only get the feces that is in my lower bowel out (pharmacist told me) but i'm looking to eat healthy and get my digestion system moving along, sometimes i wouldn't poop for 3-4 days, yuk!
Question, can i takle exlax before my healthy and thought out meals with out losing all the nutrients in the food? I do not abuse laxatives but i dont wasnt to lose all the good stuff in my food.  Is there a multivitamin i can take after moving my bowels to replace what i lost in the toilet?????

Please help, the exlax is keeping my bowel movements regular, once a day or every other day which is perfect for me compred to what i was used to but i dont want to deplete my nutrients, hould i take a multivitamin before or after my laxative???

Please help, i want to do this right. Oh and i do work out too.

Thanks Doc,


PS-Please answer me ASAP, thx  :-)
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Suggest using Benefiber daily instead of exlax. Benefiber is natural and will not damage your bowels.
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Thanks so much Doc, I'm gonna try that out soon.  There's a couple forms of that kind of stuff, pills i think and stuff that's effervesant that dissolves in water and also flavored drinkstoo.  What's your preferred favorite??????

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