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Low Ferritin (4) - advice

Well, I have some symptoms for going on more than 2 years now. I recently had blood work down trying to figure out why I've been (tired, cold, irritable, disoriented, irregular menstrual cycles, zero sex drive, dry skin, mild hair loss). My doctor said the only problem she found was low ferritin, its a 4.

She said that she was going to have some more tests run to help her figure out what to do now. I should be talking to her about those tomorrow (not sure what tests).

I took iron for a few months last year because my iron was a little low - that doc never checked my ferritin - and it didn't do anything. I was planning on asking her about referring me to a specialist for the IV since I saw here that the IV seems to be more effective.

I was wondering if there's anything else I should ask her while I have the chance.

I read somewhere that Celiacs can cause low ferritin - has anyone experienced that? I did notice that last year for about 3 months I had zero symptoms when I followed a no flour, no sugar, no caffeine diet. I didn't supplement at all with iron then. As soon as I went back to a regular diet all my symptoms came back.

Here are my other lab results:
White Blood Cell Count - 6.4
Red Blood Cell Count - 4.41
Hemoglobin - 11.9
Hematocrit - 37.1
MCV - 84
MCH - 27.0
MCHC - 32.1
RDW - 14.4
Platelet Count - 336

TSH 1.34
FREE T4 1.09

Thank you!!!
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It is important your Doctor find out your levels of folate and vitamin B12. Sometimes a low Ferritin can mask a deficiency in folate or vitamin B12. By finding out the results, your doctor can treat you properly. If you think, you may have Celiac disease, suggest you are tested for the disease to determine if you have it or not, so again get proper treatment if it is positive. Thank you for your question.
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Chelated iron might help.  I took this at the amount suggested and it balanced out all of my different types of iron.
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