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On and off nausea, and growling problems at night symptoms of GERD?

I keep getting on and off nausea and I don't know why. The first time i threw up was because i ate beef jerkey for a WHOLE week for brunch until lunch...and then i'd wait to eat again at dinner. (I also skipped breakfast so maybe that made it worse) But after all the vomiting, and diarreah...i felt fine the next few days. Then it comes back...now i can't sleep at times because my stomach keeps growling at night. I've read that i must wait for three hours until i go to bed...but at around 10:00 pm my tummy starts growling. I get up to eat one piece of cracker...but that only gives me the acid feeling and nauseousness. I really need help ASAP since i'm going back to school on Monday, and i wouldn't want to be staying up until 12 in the midnight just so my stomach can settle down. Please help me, or tell me some foods i can eat that will keep me full and satisfied for the whole night...AND won't give me any acid feeling in my stomach. Please help me.
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Please check your other question. Thank you
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