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Unintentional Weight Loss!!!

I'm only 18 years old and about a year ago I noticed that I was loosing weight. I used to weigh about 124 pounds now I weigh only 112. My family and friends all tell me that I look too skinny, almost sick, and I want to know why I lost all this weight. I never tried to lose the weight, didn't exercise, didn't eat less, NOTHING. Also after losing the weight other things started happening to me, my hair started to become very thing, I started to get bad breath and have stomach problems. Please help me I don't know what to do!! I want to start to feel better & normal again and know what's causing all of this.
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If you have not cut back on eating, then it sounds like something medically is happening and you need to see your MD to be checked. Have them do blood-work to find out why you are losing weight and have stomach issues. I am not trying to scare you, however, you need to not to delay because you do not want to lose any more weight (your hair is thinning due to weight loss) and you need to find out why.
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Hi there.  I am a Nutritionist and the hair loss is related to losing weight.  I was wondering if you had done any lab tests to see how you are (for example, an hematology, urine).  I think you should go to a doctor and get checked.  Hope for the best.

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