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lose weight in certain areas

Dear Doctor,

I need to know if there is ANY way to lose weight in certain parts of your body with exercise or diet or things like that without doing plastic surgery.
I am a 26 almost 27 year old female and I'm around 163 cm tall. I try to keep my weight above 55 kg because even if I reduce a kilo or two my face looks awfully thin and drawn - and ill actually. But the problem is I have rather fat thighs and even some fat on my belly which is just awful. I want to get rid of them but exercises only make my thighs fatter than they are. It seems like I only lose fat from my face and upper body. On my lower body instead of burning fat I'm just building muscles.
I have heard that the only way to burn fat on your thighs is to first reduce your body fat to 18% but I can't have a face thinner than I already do because it looks so thin everybody thinks I'm sick.
I don't really like the idea of liposuction because I don't have the money and I don't think the results would be permanent. It would be great if you could help me with this problem.

Thank you and best regards
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Have you tried yoga? It is exercising that tightens the muscle from within slowly. The muscles are stretched by the positions and the whole body is work-out. The positions do not have to be difficult. Your muscle does not 'build' up as if you were working with weights, however, the muscles are strengthened and you do slim down.
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