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vitamin d3 toxicity or side effects

I've been taking mega dose of D3 (50.000 I.U) twice a week for 4 weeks then once a week for 8 more weeks,my level was 11ng/L,last month i received my new level 96.1 ng/L,my doc told me to take 1000 to 2000 I.U daily ,but since last month i've notice severe headache and muscle cramps in my head,muscle soreness,fatigue,constipation,nausea,weak up during sleeping and can't fall to sleep after that.
should i stop taking vitamin d3 ??
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The recommended Vitamin D dose for women is 400 IU. You should not go over in supplementation. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which means the vitamin goes into our fat cells and the body does not excrete it. 2000 IU is the tolerable upper intake level for adults; supplementation over that may cause a risk for toxicity (increased calcium, weak muscles, weak bones, excessive bleeding, severe headaches, and kidney stones). Vitamin D is available through our foods - Fortified milk, breakfast cereals, egg yolks, fatty fish, and fish oils. Sit at a window with the sun shining in for about 1/2 hour (few times a week) and that will help you get enough Vitamin D. Suggest you stop taking the vitamin D supplements, restrict your intake of calcium, and see your MD.
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Thank you for this helpful information.
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