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Anyone take Luvox and Toprol XL together?

I'm 24 and I have dealt with health OCD for quite some time. I was diagnosed with premature ventricular contractions and I've been obsessed about my heart rate and rhythm ever since. It's starting to effect my mental health due to the fact that I'm scared to have my heart rate go over 100 and I have panic attacks frequently. I was prescribed metoprolol succinate to help with the PVCs, but now my doctor wants me to go on fluvoxamine to help my OCD and anxiety. My problem now is that I read that beta blockers interact with SSRIs and cause the side effects of the beta blockers to become worse. This would cause low blood pressure, slow heart rate, and other problems that result from a lower heart rate. I'm already dizzy from the beta blocker and I cut back my dosage from 50mg to 25mg. Is there anyone else who takes these two meds together? What were the side effects for you? Do you still take them together? My fears about my heart rhythm also led me to be worried about acquiring long qt syndrome and I heard that it's possible when taking SSRIs.
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I sent you an email because I wasn’t signed up yet, I am in the exact same boat you are in. I know it’s been a little while but I’m wondering what you ended up doing about this? I mean I literally could have written your post even about the long QT. I’m sorry you’re going through the same thing so hopefully we can help each other out.
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