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Can't stop thinking of breathing, swallowing, etc. SENSORIMOTOR OCD

Hi! I've been suffering from sensorimotor ocd for a very long time. It started randomly one day and i just couldn't stop thinking about breathing, i had to control it all of a sudden. I'm getting discouraged because it is so hard explaining to others what it is! It's so rare that even some doctors don't know about it. Please help and reply if you are going through it too
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It never fails...whenever I read a sensorimotor post, I take a deep breath!  LOL  I have not had this problem....breathing, swallowing is part of the autonomic nervous system...you can't stop these things if you tried, i.e., holding your breath under water...you eventually HAVE to come up.  

Who do you see?  A psychologist?   Have you had periods of time when this didn't bother you and it comes back?  What about other thoughts?  
True we don't stop breathing or swallowing, but it becomes irregular and uncomfortable. I do see a psychologist and she told me the same thing you did, but it's a complicated thing that even she hadn't heard of before. Sometimes it doesn't bother me when I'm extremely busy and doing something i like, for ex teaching.
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Well I'm glad you are seeing someone.  I think perhaps it is a matter of noticing when you are doing it and then busying yourself with something to take your mind off of it.  Do you drink water?  Maybe carrying a water bottle around with you.  Idle OCD minds go to the dark side unfortunately.  I wish I had more to offer you but as I said, I have not had this particular OCD thought issue.  
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I have suffered from these symptoms specially breathing obsession, your mind becomes aware of breathing all the time, you can feel how much air you are inhaling and exhaling, it becomes really uncomfortable to basic functions,you just cant focus on anything because you are thinking about your breathing .

All the ocd obsessions are very distressful and make our lives very tough. But the point is that the treatment for all obsessions is same,It requires medicine and therapy(CBT).

Medicines and therapy will ease out your symptoms and probably in few months you will feel free from ocd,But ocd cannot be cured it can only be controlled, so you have to make yourself prepared for future also.

In my case i suffered from a lot of obsessions and majority were pure -o with only mental compulsions including this breathing one.I have been treated with medicines for two years in past and i have done self therapy also,but still some time the ocd comes back.Now as a solution i try to ignore these thoughts.
If you dont analyse these thoughts,dont give attention to them,do not think about probability associated with them,dont make any compulsion in response,just continue to go normal you will feel that these thoughts lose their power and their intensity goes down.

This is the difference in between a normal person and a person affected with ocd.When these thoughts strike a normal person his brain automatically ignores these thoughts because these thoughts are irrational or illogical.

In case of person affected with ocd while our brain acknowledges these thoughts as irrational but just cant ignore them so we will have to ignore them forcefully, in this way problem can be controlled .

But if its your first time then i would suggest you to take medicines and therapy if its available ,i would also suggest a book "Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts: How to Gain Control of Your OCD" by christine purdon.

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