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OCD? What causes trance-like pacing to music???

I've never wanted to talk about it, but I've seen "symptoms" like mine more and more online now, usually involved continuous rocking. Since I can remember, I've "zoned out" with music and paced for hours, or ran back and forth from wall to wall in my bedroom. It was like my dirty secret as a kid and into my teens; I'm now 35 and sometimes I still do. It's like I'm in a different life when I do this and if anyone has seen the movie "Suckerpunch", it's literally like that. I become someone else and it's like I'm in some kind of fantasy. I zone out and nothing else exists. I'm an artist and a writer, and the only good thing is that it produces the effect that I SEE what I want to paint or LIVE what I'm writing. I've destroyed my body doing it. I have severe arthritis in my legs hips and wrists from slamming into walls. I sprained my ankles many times doing it, once to the point I've ruined my left foot permanently but I kept running on it...it's like an addiction. I have athsma and I do it until I can't breath and just stand there gasping. I've never wanted to stop because it's amazing to be able to escape and be anything, anywhere. But, well, I've caused a lot of health problems to myself. If anybody has this problem, I'd appreciate some advice on how you control it without mind-numbing meds. Seen a lot of things about people simply rocking back and forth, but none who run from wall to wall. Happens when I get excited, too, but mild without music. My family knows and my husband has caught me. I feel like such an outcast. Thanks for any advice, info, or even stories.
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Hi there. Yes I believe it is related to rocking.  It is a stress reliever.  For the most part I would say if it isn't interfering with your everyday life, then there is no problem with it however, for you and your health problems, it is.  If you would like to learn other ways to control your anxiety, then you should see a psychologist.  Have you tried rocking instead though?  
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