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I am looking for an OT Expert who is familiar with work and individuals with Major Depression that have significant short term memory loss secondary to Major Depression  as well as Very low Testosterone in middle aged man 45-55 .  Patient's Testosterone level was extremely low and is associated with early onset dementia. I learned about this Low-T , Testosterone Deficiency(TD) by watching several short but very informative videos by Dr. E. Barry Gordon at www.**********.com. who is the Expert on TD and its many effects on aging and morbidity.
Who advised me that  Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men with testosterone levels < 90  ( Normal= 290 - 800) will take up to a year of bi-wekly Injections to replace and possibly reverse some of the damage done.

  My question is this...considering these factors, Major Depression Recurrent (unresponsive to anti-depressants ), significant short term memory loss, anxiety, and significant insomnia,. With newly diagnosed TD exacerbating Major Depression and associated symptoms, and very low energy levels and stamina due to these two Disabilities,...In your professional Opinion, Is this person able to work doing any type of job on a regular basis ? Or, would you say the patient meets the standard for Social Security Disability ?
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