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Could someone Interpret my chest X-ray results

The chest X-ray results are findings minor prominence of the linear markings in the lung bases likely minor atelectasis.no infiltrate.slight posterior costophreniic sulcus blunting that appears about the left no pneumothorax. Upper thoracic levoscoliosus . Several mixed ringlike sclerotic lesions on the left humeral head as well as an extra calification 3mm proximal left humerus. Impression minor basilar atelectasis or scarring. Equivocal small left pleural effusion Several small sclerotic lesions proximal left humerus as well as a probable exostosis proximal humerus dedicated plain films of the left proximal humerus and shoulder recommenced. I fell at home and hit my bone that is why the family doctor ordered it.I got the results from  radiology dept. The doctor never called me to tell me about the X-ray. results. I would appreciate if someone would Interpret my results.Thank you.
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