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Dislocated third toe and surgery decision.

I have a dislocated third toe (xray can be provided) which feels numb, difficult to walk barefoot and may be capsulitis related.

My doctor is leaving it up to me to decide whether to have surgery or not. He said he will pin the toe in place, shorten my second toe and rebuild tendon(?) He opined that it won't get worse but if it gets in the way with normal life to have it repaired.

I am an avid hiker, was planning on doing the AT, have done the NY 46 high peaks and am an organist. Organ players play with their feet but so far has only been a minor hindrance.

Advice? Thoughts? Opinion? What would you do?
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Can't read an xray.  Another specialist can, though, and sometimes, if one is able, the best docs aren't where one lives.  Peace.
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How long has it been numb?  Also, did you see a specialist?  I'm assuming you did.  At any rate, given how much work this doc is recommending, I'd get a second opinion and ask if there are less intrusive methods of accomplishing the same thing.  That's a lot of work.
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It feels numb but isn't "nerve" numb.  Does that make sense?  It feels dislocated numb, fat.  I have never had a broken bone but I imagine a bone out of place numb is what it feels like.  I am seeing a specialist.  He is suggesting that I live with it but surgery is an option if it gets in the way of life, which it does.  These are the best orthos in my area but . . . . surgery . . . . It'll take about half an hour with six months until total healing.  There may be a loss of toe movement but that shouldn't be too bad.  Here is my xray:  https://imgur.com/Qs0c1Ns  From checking with Dr. Google, I may have capsulitis which is why he wants to do the extra work.  I feel like "my socks are bunched up, walking on a marble . . . " and my second toe is beginning to lean toward my big toe.  
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