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Fibula slightly non-union

First off, thanks in advance!  I’m 34 year old with a previous athletic lifestyle, I got hit by a pick-up truck in the spring of '06, I broke my right ankle and my left Tibia / Fibula about 4-5" above my ankle.  The ankle seems to be fine, since all the pain resides in my left leg.
I have a titanium rod through the Tibia and a half of a pin near the ankle, I went to the doctor about 2 months ago, and had the other half, that was broken, removed.
I had very minimal pain for about 2 weeks, but now it’s been hurting more and more, day by day.
I went back to the hospital to talk to the doctor, he suggested physical therapy and that the pain may be because the Tibia and fibula are starting to join together, due to calcium calluses. HERE I BELIEVE LIES THE PROBLEM.  The Fibula seems to be unaligned and the bottom half, which is closer to the Tibia, is joining together due to the calluses.
(I have a picture I can upload or send of the X-ray)
I walk around now, with a cane, but not for long periods of time.  
Can anyone suggest what I can or should do?  The pain is not going away and I’m tired of medicating.
Please advice!
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Thanks for your reply! I've only been using the cane about a month and a half, It's only really started to hurt since I had the broken pin removed. Matter of fact, today it has been raining and I haven;t even touvhed my cane, usually the coldness with the rain leaves me staying at home in agony, but today's been fine.

I actually believe that the bone (Fibula) is healed. BUT It's definately not aligned, but solid.

What I would really like to find out is, will the calluses slim down and not connect, and if they are connected, can a doctor fix that?
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Hi! If your fibula is infact not healed they can do a bone graft but I would maybe get another opinion if possible.I wouldn't think that alone would be causing your kind of discomfort.I had a non-union of my fibula and walked around just fine &the only discomfort is when one would actually press down where the break was.Your injury seems to be basically the same as mine and I too am having problems-I have had a bone graft &recently all my hardware removed but your injury is 2 years older than mine & still using a cane?That's too long for my comfort.I wish you luck!
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