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Had ACL reconstruction one year ago - knee is tender when exersized. Why??

I had an ACL reconstruction last year, and have since been getting ready for the Sheriff's academy that will be starting next month. I have noticed that after running or working out with my legs that sometimes the back of the leg I had the surgery on hurts or is tender. I ran about 2 days ago and haven't since because of this. It is kinda tender when bent and such. Is this normal? Is this due to the fact that my leg isn't really used to being worked this much? (my legs are the same size in muscle though).

I am only 22. And healthy by all other standards. Ideas??
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I would suggest you to rest and apply ice packs and also take some NSAIDs to decrease the pain and inflammation.

Do not exert yourself and you can continue training in a graded way avoiding major symptoms and if the symptoms persist it will be good to go for latest scans to understand if there is any injury.

Take care!

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(also... not sure if this is needed to fully know...)

I under-went physical therapy and followed all the Dr's orders correctly.  I think I would have known if I re-tore it... it doesn't quite feel like that... just different and am kinda worried as I start the academy next month.

My leg's muscle mass is equal so my injured leg is not any weaker than my other.
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