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Hello. I am hoping someone can tell me what to possibly expect?

I have been having right knee pain and swelling for the past 6 weeks. I had an MRI which shows:
1) Posterior lateral tibial plateau grade 4 chondral fissures
2) Grade 3 chondral fissure at the lateral patellar facet
3) Mild patellar tendinosis
4) Borderline patella Alta configuration
5) Tibia tubercle-trochlear groove distance 1.9 cm
6) Trace superolateral Hoffa!s fat pad edema. Correlate for patellofemoral maltracking
7) Lateral meniscal degeneration with inner free edge fraying
8) Lateral and patellofemoral compartment chondromalacia
9) Small joint effusion
10) Small medial popliteal cyst
11) Trace pes anserine burial fluid
12) Minimal ventromedial knee soft tissue edema along the tibial tubercle
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You're just going to have to wait.  You're either headed for knee surgery and there are several different kinds or for physical therapy, depending on what the surgeon thinks.  Whatever happens, get a second opinion.  But you can't predict, so try to let it go until you get the diagnosis.  Radiological tests show what they can show, but you tell more by manipulating the knee to see what movement makes it hurt etc.  A surgeon might disagree with the radiologist, which leaves you to decide which one you believe.  A second opinion solidifies the options.  Peace.
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