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Lumbar pain after trauma

Before Christmas, i fell on my back on a pipe(me in vertical position, the object in horizontal position) right on my left hip more specifically on the sacroiliac joint area, including a part of my spine(L5,L4). For a while i had a pain that radiated down in my left buttock and up in my back muscle that runs along the spine, up to L1 area.
After a while the pain goes away but after a pretty heavy lift, something popped in the previously damaged area or maybe a little bit upper, and a terrible pain installed in my lumbar zone. I couldn't bend, i couldn't do almost nothing for a while .After a while, still with pain , i lifted something no so heavy, and a burning pain sensation i felt in my sacrum zone.

Symptoms: Pain in my lumbar zone, sharp  pain in the damaged area that radiates in my groin(sometimes hurts really bad), pain that goes down my left leg(sciatica, which i don't know what cause it, intervertebral discs, the fall, inflamated muscle, ligaments) with more proeminence in thighs, groin and femoral biceps.

I did an X-Ray from which resulted intervertebral disc clamping(L1, L5).

Diagnosed by medic with Lumbago and possibly herniated discs but nothing about my hip, i suspect a little bit rotated hip and probably sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

At the moment i do electro therapy, but after session my back and upper leg muscles hurt are stiff, sore and tight in the morning and i dont know why... And my damaged zone hurts more also after session. But i dont fell so often leg pain anymore.

I'm in waiting for an lumbar MRI to see how damaged my discs are. Does this type o MRI includes the sacroiliac joint, or ilia area?

My question is. What this could really be ?

My biggest problem is that i'm young, not even graduated college, and this problem is putting a lot of toll on me, especially mentally.
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