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Podiatrist said my bumps were arthritis

I have two bumps on the top of my foot. I know I dropped something on my foot a while back and it became this big bump. The other is similar. So when I went to the podiatrist recently, I asked him about it and he said it was arthritis. Arthritis? When I asked him what is arthritis (he offered no help for it, by the way), he practically yelled at me (first time I went to him) and loudly said, "Inflammation!" And then he proceeded to cut my toenails. Anyway, I stopped him from continuing working on me, and said I don't want him to continue. He said why. And I said because I don't like his  attitude. So I got one foot with cut toenails, went into the nail salon and had a nice pedicure. :-)
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I would look for a doctor who doesn’t mind explaining things to his patients.  A rheumatologist would be who you would want to see for arthritis.  I’ve been diagnosed with arthritis in my feet recently and I’m 44yrs old. It’s probably RA for me because I have autoimmune things going on with my body ever since I had my first child at 39. I suppose it can happen to anyone at any age. Good for you going to pamper yourself with a pedicure after that awful appointment.
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Well at least she cut my nails and applied nice polish. I know one is associated with something I dropped on my foot and a big tough (hard) bump appeared and is making its home there. I have had foot problems ever since I wore high heels too long one day and couldn't take them off. I was young, in my 20's, and I couldn't walk on my feet for days after that without excruciating pain. Ever since then I have had bad foot problems. I think I must have broken some teeny bones in my foot but doctor never took xrays. I wear flat sandals now as much as possible. I tried arches, even specially made, nothing worked. Slippers and flat soled sandals are the best now. I am over 70 so have been living with these horrible feet for a while now.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.  It's important to be comfortable with your doctor and that is any doctor that you see.  If he is telling you that you have arthritis, it's important to understand what he is telling you so am sorry he was impatient with you.  Here is information on arthritis:  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/arthritis/symptoms-causes/syc-20350772.  It is immflamation or swelling of joints.  It can be quite tender and painful and is treatable.  Please see another doctor for a second opinion.  Glad you enjoyed your pedicure.  
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Thank you. I have two rather large bumps, I remember one for sure is a result of me dropping something on my foot, the other is probably the same thing. Those two bumps are about the size of a dime in a cone shape. They don't hurt but sometimes one does when I relax my foot. I have an extremely high arch. One time an intern decided to press my foot downward and I felt something snap. I asked her why she did that and she said she wanted to see how far my foot would bend because of the extremely high arch. I should have reported her but I didn't. Live and learn.
That is interesting and good information to learn that the bumps coincide with a drop of something on your foot. That certainly hurts and perhaps is a remnant of this.  A new doctor though is not a bad idea if your previous one did not show you the empathy or care that you need to feel confident that everything is being done.  I do still think the link I provided may be of benefit to you in understanding what the issue may be.  
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