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Ankle swelling, heavy feet with numbness, what’s goin on now?

Hello all,
I am writing this question on behalf of my dad (age 67).
He has had both hips replaced, the first 5 years ago and the second a little over a month ago. No other real medical problems to note.
Obviously after his most recent hip replacement (right), we weren’t shocked to see his right foot swollen and the doctor didn’t seem to think too much about it either - just continued to elevate & ice the ankle/top of foot a couple times each day. After almost a month, it didn’t seem as if the inflammation was going away as we had expected it to. We went to his 6-week post operation appointment with his ortho surgeon & he still didn’t seem too concerned about this swelling, but went ahead and ordered an vascular ultrasound just to rule out a blood clot. Went & got that test done, everything looks great, nothing to worry about with a blood clot.
Well, it seems as if the swelling (which I will say has gone down a great ways, but still quite noticeable) is still present & he tells me his feet just feel completely numb and tingly and very very heavy - with no other real stand out symptoms. His WBC count is high and RBC is low, so that alone is a result of inflammation, but I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas of things I could look into further to figure this out for him - like disorders, medications or just a direction to head my research in - would be greatly appreciated!
Also, bear in mind, he did just have surgery last month so he hasn’t been up and walking around like before, but has no problems getting up & walking around at all anymore. My first thoughts were circulatory, but if anyone has any ideas; please let mme know! Thank you all!
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Although I didn’t have numbness in my feet after having bilateral total knee replacements two years ago, I did have a chronically low RBC count for maybe nine months afterward.
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