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Should I still have pain four months after ORIF Olecranon elbow surgery?

Had ORIF surgery - a plate and six screws.  I plan on getting the hardware removed in another two or three months because I can't put arm down without feeling it. The plate is actually visible - you can see something under the skin sticking out. But it is the internal pain I am questioning.  Is the internal pain in the elbow joint due to this hardware?  I have full range of motion of the arm. It just hurts if I move it a certain way or if I put any type of pressure on it. Can't use arm to push myself up or even pump a soap dispenser.
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Sounds like a big surgery.  That you are greatly improved is terrific but that you can 'see' the hardware? That would make me feel uncomfortable.  What did the doctor say for expectations post surgery?  Back to normal? They usually tell you what they think limitations could be.  From my reading, they say recovery is actually sort of long for ORIF.  3 to 12 months!  I would expect this to possibly still get better. This is a general link and focuses a bit more on the ankle ORIF surgery.  But same applies. https://www.healthline.com/health/orif-surgery#recovery  Do you do physical therapy? That is really essential after this kind of repair!
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