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Why are my feet burning when I run?

I run track and xc in high school for three years. this past xc season I took three weeks off training after the state meet and when I returned to running my feet seriously burned during the run and for hours afterward. That was two months ago and it's still like that except now the burning goes away almost immediately once I take off my shoes after a run. I can run for about three miles before the burning starts. I've tried running in many different pairs of shoes, different kinds of socks, different lacing techniques, and nothing helps. The burn starts as a tingly sensation on the inner ball of my foot but then spreads out to where the entire sole of both feet have a very hot burning sensation.

I really need advice on what to do/what this could possibly be? Should I run through the pain??
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Believe it or not, this is not uncommon for competitive runners.  Very annoying!  Trying different shoes and socks was the right way to go but unfortunately, that didn't make a difference. You can try an ice or cool pack to your feet before and after running, foot powder to help, a foot spray for athletes foot.  These things have been known to help.   New shoes and socks or these methods does often solve the problem for runners.  One other note on shoes is that maybe your feet have grown a tiny bit and so your shoes still fit but are tight, all of them.  Too tight shoes can cause this.

If that doesn't help, I would say that you need to see a doctor at this point.  Nerve compression or nerve damage in the foot can also cause this.  :>(((  Hope not. But it can.  It can be called peripheral neuropathy.  A blood clot could also cause this but given your age, this seems less likely.  Metasartalgia can cause it which is a fancy name for overuse foot injury.  It's irritation and inflammation of the soft tissue of the foot.  

So, I would say that you need to try some of the things I mentioned like foot powder and icing but otherwise, it's time to go over this with a doctor to dig deeper into what is going on.  I am sure this is frustrating as you are a successful competitive runner.  so, getting to the bottom of it now is good especially with track season coming in in the not too distant future.  Let us know how it goes!
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