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% of Complicated cysts that are benign

I recently went to the doctor to follow up on nausea that I have had for many years which was always dismissed. I also recently started developing left side abdominal pain and every so often right side pain which would come and go. I went to the dr on Tuesday and she thought I had shingles even though no rash. Long story short, she also sent me for a pelvic ultrasound and she called today to say that I have a complicated right ovarian cyst. I am completing losing my mind. I had to go home from work early I was so upset. I had two miscarriages last year and have been trying to get pregnant for 1 year and haven't been able to. My ovulation sticks never said ovulating the past two months and I've been having some pain during intercourse, but not all the time. I want to know what test I should ask for to confirm I don't have ovarian cancer. My father's side of the family has a lot of cancer. My father had bone cancer and my sister got breast cancer at 33, but doesn't have the gene. I know that I am going to demand the cyst to be biopsied as masses in my family aren't benign. I truly feel that I am going to be in the hospital for my mental sanity even though I really don't know what is doing on yet. Ironically, I had an ultrasound several years ago because I was bloated and always felt full and nothing showed up on it. I still feel that way, but I am about 25 pounds overweight.
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By far, most ovarian cysts are benign even complex ones. Most cysts resolve on their own in 3 cycles or so but complex ones are less apt to resolve. Since removal of even one ovary can impair fertility and even lifelong health (since the ovaries produce hormones a woman's whole life), it is best to have just the cyst removed (cystectomy) versus the ovary (oophorectomy).

The CA125 is a blood test for ovarian cancer but benign conditions including benign ovarian cysts can cause an abnormal / elevated result. And a normal result is possible when ovarian cancer is present. So it is not very useful.

Ovarian cancer is rare with a woman's lifetime risk being only 1.3% per U.S. government statistics which is why women without a genetic predisposition are not screened for it.

I was personally over-treated for a 9.5cm benign ovarian cyst. The frozen section done while I was in the operating room was benign but my gyn removed both ovaries, tubes, and my uterus anyway. I have connected with many women who've had organs removed unnecessarily and are suffering the permanent and progressive harm.

The uterus and ovaries are essential for anatomical and skeletal integrity, normal hormonal / engdocrine function (which affects every cell in the body) and sexual function.  

Best of luck to you! Keep us posted.
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