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After having a pelvic ultrasound, my DR. told me that I have a 2cm complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary. He said that 98% of the time they go away on their own. I am having another ultrasound in 1 month. I am a bit anxious and concerned about this. Has anyine had an experience with this?
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Welcome!  It is true that the cysts can resolve and go away, as many here have had that happen.  Also 99% of ovarian cysts are benign.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed
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Welcome to our group.  We are all hear to listen, learn and help.  Many of us have been where you are.  This site is wonderful and will give you a great deal of comfort and insightful information.  I just posted a response to DnAzMama a few lines down from yours.  It's very applicable to your situation also. If you're anything like me you'll find every question you have answered because someone asked it before you or because you posted and someone helped you out right away.  The only question you won't find an answer to is "Exactly what will happen to me/my cyst?" Time will answer this one...and that's the toughest part! In the meantime stay tuned in to these ladies and we'll all get thru this together!
I was just told I have a 3 cm complex cyst on my right ovary.  I had a partial hysterectomy where they left my ovaries in my late 20's,. I'm now 44.  Is this something really serious?  I'm waiting to get an appointment with the GYN so I'm a little in the dark.
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I had a 3 cm complex cyst a few years ago, and mine did not go away on it's own.  I had it for about 4 months.  I also had a dozen or so uterine fibroids.  I opted for a hysterectomy, and had my left ovary removed with the complex cyst.  I am now having problems with my remaining ovary.  I keep getting hemmorhagic cysts that rupture, and then re-occur.  I am having my right ovary removed on Monday.  I'm just tired of dealing with it.  Since July I have had 4 sonograms 4 cysts, 1 out patient surgery, and it's time to get rid of it.
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Complex cysts are different than fluid filled cysts which are normally benign.  Complex cysts are also usually benign but have a great tendency to be cancer than just a regular cyst.  I want to make sure you get your facts straight.  I was diag. with a complex cyst and had surgery the complex cyst was LMP Borderline ovarian cancer.  I was lucky it's rare doesn't usually return and is treated only with surgery (no chemo).  

Here's hoping your's is benign.

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Oops sorry, meant to say...complex cysts have a GREATER tendancy not great tendancy..
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Thanks so much for your responses!
Chelan 2- how long did you wait before you had yours removed? I'm so anxious now I'm ready to yank the ovary out! Also...I think I had a moscarriage a month ago...could that have anything to do with the development of this cyst?
Vaaf-thanks so much for your comments...I really appreciate all of your support & compassion!
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Yes, there might be a correlation with a "possible miscarriage".  Ovaries produce hormones, and the development and resolution of cysts on the ovaries has a strong hormonal quotient to that process.  You may very well have some hormonal disruption going on in there, a disruption that could affect cysts as well as menstrual cycles.

Also,  while one month seems like a long time, it is not truly a long time.   So, do not feel that your situation is one that must be addressed "immediately."
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Vickie...Thanks so much for your response. As I am 43 years old, I didn't even think I could get pregnant but I had asll the symptoms (sore breasts, period late, nausea) which I pretty much ignored! Then I got my period really late, and 2 weeks later had break through bleeding which was really heavy & clotty. The Dr said he really couldn't tell if I had miscarried or not. I finally got another period today, a month after the break through bleeding. I already knew I had a tiny uturine fibroid so the Dr thought that maybe it grew and that caused the bleeding. It has not grown, but this is how the cyst was discovered.
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Those can also be the symptoms of a cyst on the ovary!  I would have thought myself pregnant, what with the extra girth, missed cycle, heavy period, and tender breast, but for the fact I knew that it was simply not possible.  Those darn hormones can go crazy from a cyst on the ovary.
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My Dr. didn't seem to think the cyst caused the break through bleeding! I really appreciate your insights...this whole thing has got me a bit unnerved!!
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I'm in Canada and had to wait from February when my 6cm by 7cm complex cyst was diag from an ultrasound until surgery in May. And Yes, I just about went crazy waiting.  Yours is considered small and less likely to be cancerous at that size.  I also had breakthrough bleeding but my dr said it wasn't from the complex cyst.  I was also diag with endometrios at my surgery (didn't have any symptoms that I knew of) but I can't remember if he said the breakthrough bleeding was caused by the endo or not?

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Wow...you musy have been so anxious...that's a long time to wait!
Thanks for the reassurance about the size of mine...do you think that even at that size it could cause gassiness & bloating? I've had IBS for over 20 years too! And I have a small (.9 mm) uterine fibroid.
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