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Update on 17.5 cm cyst

Hello, everyone! I FINALLY got my test results back from my gyno on the 17.5 cm cyst on my right ovary. No cancer, so phew! What a blessing. Right now they are thinking it's a mucinous cystadenoma. She actually thinks she'll be able to drain it and remove it via laparoscopy, another blessing. She is consulting with the gynecologic oncologist she works with to be sure. Initially, she'd said I'd have to have open surgery, so this is definitely good news. I will still lose my right ovary, but everything else will stay intact, unless there is some unforeseen problem. They're running a few more blood tests to rule out some other things, so no surgery date yet, but my gyno said she wants me in surgery before the end of the month. I will keep you all updated as I find things out. Thanks so much for your answers, prayers and support. You've been incredibly helpful.
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That is awesome news.  Recovery will be so much easier if they are able to do the surgery laprascopically.  It sounds like everything is under control.  Please make sure to let us know when your surgery date is!
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Good news!
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