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5mo pregnant and need pain managment- advice please

Hi everyone, I was looking up Maryland law about treating pregnant women and happened to come across this site. I have been on Percocet for over 6yrs now, the entire time I have been treated by the same pain managment facility. My 1st pregnancy, 3 yrs ago was tough but I was off all medications for 6 of the 9 months. This time around I has been miserable. My OB knows I’m on Percocet but I haven’t told my pain Dr about the pregnancy because I’m terrified they’ll cut me off. Has anyone had experience with this? I have a pain appointment tomorrow and don’t know what to do. Side note: My OB is ok with me continuing with the medicine as long as it’s presctibed by PM. Thanks to anyone who reads/responds... I have no idea what to expect, especially after all the new opioid laws!
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First off, from everything I've read, there are no laws, only guidelines as far as pain medications.
I think your ob/gyn and pain Dr need to work together because you're a special case.
If you're taking medication when the baby is born the baby will most likely go through withdrawal so that needs to be talked about.
I'm on your side because I'm also a chronic pain patient so I do understand. I know you need to take care of your pain, you care about your baby, and you're scared about being taken off of your medication.
Maybe you should make another appointment with your ob/gyn to talk about what to do. Ask her if she'll work with your pain Dr. through your pregnancy. Maybe you can taper the last couple of months of your pregnancy so the baby won't go through withdrawals.
I really wish I had some good answers for you.  I think the best thing is good communication between your two Drs.
Thanks so much for your quick response, and for being so compassionate! It’s such a hard decision; the guilt about doing anything that could potentially harm a baby is horrendous. Ironically my OB is less worried than I am, not that he wants me on medicine. I will absolutely take your advice. My pain apt is today in the afternoon so I’ll make sure to ask them to talk even if there aren’t any issues. I hope that you feel better soon, I’m so sorry I to hear that you too have to deal with pain! It’s so hard sometimes, it’s great that there’s a group like this that offers such support ♥️
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It really depends on the reasons for the opiates and your medical condition, and how much you are taking. The tylenol amount can also be a concern in a developing baby.
Each pregnancy is different and while your pain may have not been great after you went off the last time, this time you could experience a reduction in pain.
I was pregnant twice during pain management. Once I reduced all meds, but remained on one, at my doctors ( perinatalogist, pain management and OB) recommendation. Second time I took myself off all meds.
My son did experience withdrawal, and spent 5 weeks in NICU being withdrawn. It scarred me and to do this day, all these years later ( he is about to turn 18), it STILL bothers me. I was told that remaining on the meds was absolutely necessary and my son would be fine..they did not tell me what he would experience . Had I known, I would have found a way to deal with the RSD without the meds..
My second son, I was again on meds for the same condition. This time I made the decision to stop the meds despite the doctors.
My son was born happy, healthy and is now 16.
No one can make the decision for you. None of these meds are considered safe in pregnancy, just less unsafe than others.
If you can manage with other means during your pregnancy I would suggest you try. If it doesnt work then maybe going back occasionally, might be an option.
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