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Back surgeon.

My back surgeon wants to help me get into a pain clinic. He is giving me percs for now. He has all my mri's cat scans xrays and other stuff. He performed decompression surgery on me 5 years ago. That lasted for about 2 years. Next week I am going to have milligram. I was wondering that were I was kicked out of one pain clinic do I have a chance with the recommendation of my surgeon. To get into another? When I joke with him he can not understand how I can joke with all the pain  am in. I just had to call for my meds and it scares me he might forget or something. I have 7 stents in my heart and can not go through withdrawal.
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Hi Grampy,

I was hoping to hear from you again!!

I'm so glad that your Back Surgeon is going to help you get in with another PM Management Clinic. Yes, you have a chance of getting in with one since your Surgeon's going to help you.

Be sure that you tell your Surgeon EVERYTHING that happened about the ER and everything so that he knows what's happening and he can help you find a good PM Clinic!!

Please stay in touch and let us know how your Milligram goes. Don't worry, it doesn't sound like your Dr. is going to let you go thru withdrawals. I don't think that he will forget you.

I'll be looking for your updates on the procedure next week. I'm anxious to hear about your new PM Dr. when you get one.

Thank you for staying in touch. Good Luck.....Sherry
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I meant to add that when you get your new PM Dr. be sure that you read the PM Contract VERY carefully and do exactly what it says so that you aren't in this position again.  I know that you will!!

I'm truly happy that you are getting another chance!!....Sherry
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I'm not sure why you can't stay with your original pain clinic, but I'm glad that your doctor is going to help you find another one.  I would think with a doctor referring you it wouldn't be too much of a problem.
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When your getting low on your meds and it is time for a refill call him a few days ahead so that way you won't run out.
My PCP just stopped treating me out of the blue so I am in alot of pain with no meds. Most drs won't do that to you.
Just make sure your upfront with the pain dr when you see him/her for the first time so nothing can come up and bite you later. It might be hard to find one but it should help having your dr on your side.
Best of luck to you
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Hi Grampy:  Glad to see you again.  Taking Sherry's advice, I think you have an excellent chance.  With your surgeon's referral, it really shouldn't be a problem .  At least I do hope!

Good luck and glad to see you.
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Thank you. i will keep all of u guys informed.
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Thanks Grampy!!

We'll be waiting for your updates.....Sherry
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