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Bad left knee and left shoulder and arm pain

Please if someone can help, I regularly have chronic pain in all parts of my body since I have 4 bulge discs on my cervical and lumbar, scoliosis,stenosis,fibromyalgia, multiple spasms on my cervical and sciatica I also have fibromyalgia and a Chianti malformation. But a week ago I started with a pain on my knee like there was a Bruce but it was no Bruce there days later start hurting more, and more specially when I put weight in it and when I stretch my leg, today it start hurting even more, is really painful I can't vererly walk straight, and two days ago was added a really bad pain in my left shoulder, It hurts when I moved as well, I tried to hold my phone while in a phone call with my head and my shoulder and my phone fell on the floor and I feel like crying at that moment. I hope someone can help me this is very discomfort and even that I take tramadol for my chronic pain is not doing anything on this pain. Thank you.
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Of course no one can answer as to what is causing your pain - in my experience, doctors have a hard enough time diagnosing pain when they have access to the patient. That said, the shoulder/neck pain when holding the phone, sounds like it could be from the cervical spine abnormalities you have. I'd be careful not to hold the phone that way - as it definitely puts a strain on your C spine.

Your knee could be arthtitis, or any number of things. Have you noticed any swelling or redness? I have frequent rt knee pain from a chronic tendon injury. But also joint pain there from Systemic Sclerosis.

Unfortunately, isolated pain like that without any known trauma is impossible to diagnose without imaging. But I would try ice and rest. Increasing pain meds will only make them less effective for your chronic pain in the long run. (In my experience). If it doesn't go away or get better, I'd call your doctor. Sorry to hear about your pain. I hope it gets better!
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