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Can I get reinstated with PM doctor after what I "think" is a misunderstanding?

Alright, so here's the deal. 3 years ago I went to PM doctor who for a year tried to no avail my back pain with injections.I also signed a contract where I am not to be prescribed other pain meds from doctors.The PM doctor then put ne on a percocet regimen.  She referred me to a surgeon - who did extensive back work on me. At the end of the surgery the surgeon gave me a different lesser dosage of oxycodone. The PM doctor wanted a follow up-which I did, then proceeded to put me on a pain management regimen of again percocet. I was to see my surgeon every 3 months and received a script for a lesser doage and had both scripts filled. This caught the attention of the pharmacist who informed the PM doctor to tear up my script, the pharmacist told me to contact the PM doctor as to why. My phone call was not returned. Days later I got a certifued letter saying I was let go, however she woule be available for 30 days emergency care for the condition for which she was seeing me. I am now going through withdrawls. My issue is: I did not seek out pain meds when I broke several ribs 7 months ago, nor did the pm doctor ask if I was being prescribed anything from the surgeon. Since this is my first time dealing with this I'd like to know if I can clear this up with PM doctor-saying there is an emergency and at most reinstate me. Or, have I just broken the rules and broken the contract. Seriously, I thought the surgeon and PM doctor were communicating and actually at this phase I was on a taper with the PM doctor, now I'm screwed. What are my options?

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Hi, I am here for another reason however I have a close family member on pain management.  So until someone else comes along.  I would say, you should go to your pain doctor right away, make an appointment within the 30 days and try to explain what happened.
I have heard these contracts are very strict, you can't get pain meds from another doctor. My family member is not allowed to go to more than one pharmacy.  To me it appears you did not understand, if you were trying to get away with something you would have gone to another pharmacy.  Not that that would help as every prescription you get filled can be found by simply entering your name and birth date.  What I am saying is just what I would do if I were under a pain managements care.  They may say you signed the contract and if you had a problem you should have called her to tell her about the surgery and new pain meds.  I hope you can get an appt and get help
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Hello jrobert,

I'm sorry to hear about the situation you are in. I'm not clear on your time line. Maybe I'm not reading your post correctly. Did your PMP just dismiss you - or did this happen some time ago?

I don't recall hearing that a PMP has reinstating a patient regardless of the reason. I'm sorry - that just seems to be the norm. When you are dismissed, you're dismissed, even if the PMP was in error.

Your Pain Contract should have spelled out who could RX any opiates and under what circumstances. If we don't follow the Pain Contract to the letter our PMP will dismiss us. It's sad but true. I'm not certain what is the "misunderstanding". Was the Contract not clear? If it wasn't than shame on your PMP.

Unfortunately we are responsible for understanding any contract that we sign. Your PMP will probably not see it as a misunderstanding. Yes one would think that the surgeon and your PMP would be in contact with one another but that still doesn't negate the contract. Your surgeon should have known not to order opiates for a patient that is in Pain Management. There's a lot of should haves here - but unfortunately the buck stops with you!

I wish I could be more encouraging. Now just because I think your PMP will probably not reinstate you doesn't mean you can't try. We never get anything we don't at least ask for - so give it a try. If your PMP will not reinstate you than begin looking for another PMP.  Maybe your PCP can assist you - or offer suggestions and maybe a referral.

Rules are strict and enforced for we PM patients. There are no second chances nor are we given the benefit of the doubt. We can thank our government for that fact. We are guilty without even being allowed to present our case.

I wish you luck. Please let us know how this turns out for you. I'll look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Take Care,
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