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question about multiple pain medications

Hi there, I have a tailbone injury from 2020.  From my pain management/spine specialist, I am currently prescribed percocet one tablet of 5-325 twice a day as needed for pain. I am also prescribed Tramadol 50 mg  tablet: take one tablet daily as needed for breakthrough pain.       Currently I have been taking one tablet of tramadol mid morning and one tablet of percocet at night.     My question is are any of you prescribed 3 different pain medications?   I have an  old bottle of vicodin and it is helpful for my pain for me to occasionally alternate not taking the one tramadol but instead taking the one vicodin.    I'm afraid to ask my doctor if they would be willing to additionally now prescribe me vicodin.   What are your thoughts?  I want to be able to alternate when and what medication I take.
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I agree with backhurtz.  IF you do that, you'll get kicked out of your pain management program. You have to do it ONLY their way.  And your old medication is old. Give it back at a medication take back program (our fire department does it every 6 months. ) or flush them.  Then you aren't tempted and no one can find them and get hurt with them.  Follow your pain contact to a T. Best of luck to you
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Taking a medication previously prescribed to you is a clear violation in most PM practices and would likely get you dismissed immediately from the drs care. Most PM offices also require non announced compliance testing- and Vicodin showing up is also grounds for dismissal.
Most PM offices will not prescribe 3 opiates/opioids to any patient - if the tramadol is not effective , he may suggest another medication or anti indlammatory medication in its place but it’s highly unlikely that he will prescribe hydrocodone and oxycodone , or a combination of three different medications .
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