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Chronic pain management Oregon need Dr for Subutex?

Oregon, why do Doctors here not recognize subutex ie buprenorphine SL as a rx for chronic pain.  I have been in pain management for 20 yrs.  Everything from starting with Vicodin, Norco 10 then oxycontin & codone then fentynl, morphine, opana.  
I'm a high metabolizer, I become tolerant very quick.  I was on doses that would kill most people, I know you don't believe me, but 900 oxycodone a mo 30mg , that's 30 tabs a day and Klonopin 2mg-4mg.  Other meds too Wellbutrin, Zanaflex ie muscle relaxant & more.  The FDA, DEA & Medical board would go OMG! NO
Now its been 20 years my body is shutting down,your teeth & gums go , you produce no more hormones, no neurotransmitters, your colon, intestinal well not good.  I am a health care provider in NATURAL HEALTH yet for years western rx.
People do not understand a physical addiction is not an Addict.  Anyone who fights chronic pain daily, has no quality of life, needs these medications.  Most who control, make, rule, laws, how dispensed &  how many,
have never been in chronic pain, studied chronic pain, therefore no nothing of what its like and how your family has to adjust because it effects everyone.
Now I knew in my little home town on the coast there was a Doctor MD who did chronic pain. Controversial, at best lets say DEA has been there raided the clinic, oh and the pharmacy he owns. HA  more times than you can count, but this man walks with no mark no ding nothing.  I thought he would be the Dr. that could help me get of all this crap & see where my pain is.

He did in 5 days on Buprenorphine 8mg 4x daily Sublingual.  My god it literally gave me back 20 years.  Serious, I had not worked in 5 years.  I felt awful all the time. He offered me a job, sent me to get a license for the treatment I would be doing, paid out of his own pocket, I reinstate my massage License life is great.  Well, long story short this person who I thought of as a father figure at 70ish I am 54, apparently had a different plan.
Whether I was a project for him to SAY LOOK WHAT I DID, or he had recently divorced after 30 years in fact when he sent me for licensing.  So who knows, so life is great , then he fires me from a federally funded non profit practice, he comes up with a soap opera story , he lies in his notes, he's verbally abusive, he talks down to women, belittles them in front of men so on on on & on.  Oh, and the CEO, well is his pawn , a board no a joke for show for DEA.  I sent numerous notes to CEO about his abuse.  I approached her and said wow do you not think this is not right.  Oh, what.  The program you all work in for medical charts .  Well, what other of course.  Oh, I am sorry I haven't opened that in 9 years.  All these employees who think they are cc the CEO she has never seen. Why is all this going unnoticed to the eyes of DEA.  Or how many controlled pill counts suddenly were way off, right after pharmacy purchased, there is 2 places I know of that these went.  If anything happens to me you will know who!

But ok he's not such a nice person,  but then I get the letter I no longer will treat you & basically says it will be quite challenging for you to find anyone who will give you this medication , so when you get sick and you will, You can call the front desk and I will give you clonidine for withdrawals!!!!!!!

Morraly & ethically completely inappropriate, sick, & wrong. This man is not safe, should not be practicing medicine.

The Good ol'boys in a small town, no one will treat me.  I have called from Astoria Oregon - Portland Oregon into Vancouver Wash.  Everyone says oh that's an addiction clinic you need.  Well NO ITS NOT! or we don't take that insurance, we don't treat pain here, were not taking any new patients, pain management your looking at 3-6 mo wait.


Seriously , I do not know where to go,  who else to call. 73 phone calls been to 8 people.  I was able to get a NP to cover me all excited and Giddy about her new practice and oh yes I can write that come on let me show you my place.
AWESOME, I am thinking thank god, she knew how badly I was treated, I was only person in 40 ? employees that was always on manual time ? no one knows why, he apparently kept the door open to hit me on the behind on the way out I guess if his plan did not work.  

So the NP gives one mo of RX all is good, I  go back next month now its,  I really feel uncomfortable her mood has changed 360 depressed, grouchy.  I don't want him to know I am treating you.  OK I haven't told a soul.  I am so relieved. 3rd aptt I can no longer treat you, WHAT?  well this was temporary , really WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO  SHARE THAT WITH ME???? So I was able to get one more RX, She however, was so ANGRY she UNPROFFESIONALLY stormed out the back door of the building. Never to be seen again before I checked out of her so amazingly new place. Right.  Now, she's acting like him, no better than he is & completely unprofessional.

I couldn't find anyone, her and I had been friends. So I sent a txt to her private phone, saying really,  you can not leave me to get sick, she never responded.

Finally I found a Doctor who helped deliver my first baby, known him over 35 years, unfortunately retiring but was kind enough to give me 3 mo either buy me time or time to get off all meds.  At this point I think best to eradicate my pain with natural means. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture & massage therapy.  I am not sure this will work but at this point, 1 can't find a doctor and I am 2. not going back on opiates.

He gave me 90,60,30. I was on 4 a day.  With the crap show that's been going on I have gotten down to 3.  I will just have to keep going down a 1/4 of a tablet every 2 wks or 1/2 tab every 2wks? At this point its a guessing game.  I am tired of Doctors playing God, thinking there better than there patients, being in control of someone's life and jerking the puppet string back and forth if there in a bad mood, decide they just don't like you or whatever reason they can come up with.  

I realize this is not an option for everyone.  If you can find a Doctor in your town, city State that will treat true chronic pain with Buprenorphine SL subutex , it really was amazing for me. Do  Not let them give you Suboxone that's another story Suboxone is for ADDICTS, Heroin , street drugs, RX abuse etc.  Subutex  is for pain .

There are so many people this Satan Doctor on pill hill has,  that he is treating with this drug for pain.  I worry what they will all do.  I feel horrible as he had me come to all there Pain meetings and tell these people how wonderful this drug is & my success story.  Get off your opioids and go to Subutex.
Now he supposedly is leaving, retire I doubt it, his power trip that he is the ONLY DOCTOR seems in Oregon that will treat them. They are going to be in as horrible situation as I.  I hate that I was any part of what could be many peoples demise.

Please Please any Doctor that knows of a NP or MD in Oregon that will prescribe, answer this? It's a class 111 drug.  Yes you read that correctly, class 3 can be called in, faxed in, etc.  
Why there is no Medical person's prescribing is a huge shame.  

I have studied medicine for 35 years, why is it that I am in Natural Health & 2 doctors have said you know way more about this than we do. Why? There are other options, yes it is addictive, yes it does have a small amount of an opiate.  It has a ceiling effect take the whole bottle won't ever get high, won't do anything for you.  You never become tolerant, you never crave more meds and the greatest thing is in 20 years its the first time  - HONEST - I Have felt NO PAIN.  Why won't they write it????
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Can't your PCP refer you?

You can start I by looking up your state pain society find a referral through them.

Outside of that, look to an advocacy group.

If that fails, look into the uspainfoundation.org and they may have an answer for you.

Finally, contact the American Pain Society http://www.americanpainsociety.org  for information, or the newly reformed National Pain Foundation http://www.thenationalpainfoundation.org/

If you still cannot find a resource, contact me via personal messaging and I'll find you a pain management physician in Oregon.
How do I send you a personal message? Need your help!
I need help badly!!! I live in Albany or. So, Salem area would be great. Any recommendations would GREATLY, be appreciated. I'm in the same boat and need a Dr to prescribe excited for pain. I would very much appreciate some hep, please!!!????
Sorry my message got auto corrected :)'  
             I need to find a Dr near me who will prescribe subutex for pain. Hopefully this message is a little more clear :) thank you!!!

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Hi there. I will pm you with an awesome Dr in Medford. I did live in Oregon in matter of fact that's where all my pain started. I was injured on the job in Clackamas.  I can tell you who not to go to in Salem and surrounding areas. When I moved to Medford much better treatment.
Would you happen to know of any doctors in the Salem area??? I'm in the same boat and need to find a Dr who will prescribe subutex for pain. Any information would be so very much appreciated!!!!
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I am sad to hear about what you are going through.
Benn through something similar my self and life was so uncomfortable .I tried but it was setbacks not untill when i met Dr Rossy .You can get in contact with him though    ***@****
Please tell me how I can get in touch with your Dr Rossey! I live in Albany, recently moved from GA can't find anyone!
Look up prescribers on suboxone.com
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I am moving to Beaverton in about 2 months and my pain management Dr.. has kept stable with suboxone... I'm brittle diabetic with horrible neuropathy pain... as well as lupus.. horrible pain in joints and muscles.. I'm chronically ill and I won't take any other pain meds because I don't want a head change...i didn't want to be high...I also take xanax for the calming of the nerves...i have top notch Drs in Orange county ca.. so I'm getting really worried.. because my pain is beyond pain.. and at least it gives me since quality of life...I wouldn't be able to even walk in my neuropathic feet... pleas let me know how to get a hold of you.. I'm just trying to establish all of my primary Drs.. before I get there.. hope to get help from you.. thank you
Please help! I have a similar situation just moved to Albany OR from GA
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Buprenorphine is in the Kaiser Permanente formulary . Kaiser is conservative about opioids; if they're prescribing it  it's not one of those 'can't get it in Oregon'  drugs.  Changing to a primary in a group or HMO practice might get you better results than trying to find a doctor specifically willing to prescribe buprenorphine.
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