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I really need some good guidance

I have chronic pain. I was diagnosed with several types of Ehlor's Danlos Syndrome 12 years ago. I have been on 25mcg of fentanyl for 2 months, recently my doctor made a mistake and called in 12.5 mcg instead, now after correcting her mistake, all the pharmacies seem to be out of the 25mcg patches. so now I am currently OUT of fentanyl, and called doc several times to remedy this to no effect. I am starting to feel withdrawl symptoms and I am #1 Terrified and #2 dont know what to do? Do i go to the ER? and if so how can they help me for more than just a visit if i have no access to my prescription?
The other issue is  the fentanyl patch only helps a little bit. Is there an alternative? like a pain pump?
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You need to contact your prescriber during business hours - remind them of the error made in last months prescription and explain you are out of patches. Ask him/her what you should do?
Did the doctor tell you to use two patches at once in place of the mistake in dosing last month? Or did you use two on your own to try to get the correct dosage without telling him/her?
If the doctor approved  using two 12.5 mcg patches at once- he/she should be well aware you would run out 15 days earlier than normal.
If you used two at a time without his telling you to- he may not give you a new prescription and could in fact dismiss you.
If there are shortages of  25 mcg patches- he would either need to increase the 12.5 patches to double the usual quantity or convert you over to a different opiate altogether.
I would leave the current patch in place until you speak to your doctor and find out how he/she wants to handle this.
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I was told to use two, and I guess she assumed the pharmacy would have or get it in time, but that was 4 days ago now with no local pharmacy having it, and when i call for my Docs help.... im told they will call me back yet they havent ....
Im considering going to the ER but not sure how they could help
The ER can’t do anything but perhaps give you some fluids to manage any diarrheal issues and suggest you either call or go to your PMs office for further assistance.
The regular pharmacist could have contacted your Dr if they were unable to get the patches .
I know this person posted a few months ago but it’s so important in these times to have a plan when these type of situations arise.  Pharmacies don’t stock anything like they used to and them being out of something or short of what you need is getting more common.  Just last month they had not one Norco 10 in the place.  Luckily they had enough 5mg to fill it but I needed the doctor to electronically send an ok for that.  I called but they send you to a recorded nurses line that tells you they have 24 hours to answer your call.  Because I have to go when I have a ride that doesn’t help me.  I just have my ride drive to the doctors office and I wait til a nurse comes out and I explain what happened.  That’s the only way it happens quickly.  So that’s my plan when that happens.  

Here the Er does nothing.  If you go in and tell them you’re out of meds even if it’s not your fault they tell you your doctor is going to have to remedy that.  They do nothing.  And really the way the government has set things up even if the Er gives you a script if you are with pain management the pharmacy won’t fill it without the doctors ok anyway.  Doesn’t help at all when you’re there because you can’t get ahold of the doctor.  And doctors hate being called by ER.  Especially after hours!  All this DEA business has hurt no one but chronic pain patients.  I’m beginning to think it may never truly get “fixed.”  

My PM does feel for us but they have been left with very little control over things either.  They constantly have to substantiate why we get these meds and if a pharmacist decides they don’t want to fill a script, they don’t have to.  My doctor says he can call the pharmacy and ask them to fill it but they don’t have to.  It’s a sad predicament we’re in.  

I guess what I’m saying is have a plan for every situation that you possibly can.  That’s about the best we can do nowadays.

kastle74...everything bravesfan said, is correct.  It's possible that even though you were told to double up on your meds by your Dr, your pharmacy doesn't know this...they just know you ran out early, and this is why you were told they were 'out of stock' (when it's possible they were not).  

And, yes, forget the ER, they will do nothing.  You might even appear to be 'drug seeking'.   It truly is a sad and frightening state of affairs we are in, as bravesfan stated.  And it's only going to get worse (my pharmacist told me).

Educate yourself on the PROP bill (Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing) passed in 2016.  

Also, be aware that opiate shortages across the U.S. are increasing.  Pharmacies are out of stock and don’t know when more will be in.  The Govt is restricting how many opiates can be manufactured and pharmacies how much they can order. Doctors are being monitored for how many opiate Rx they order.

I became a member of a Pain page on FB for support as a caregiver to my husband who has Intractable Pain from a car accident that left him a paraplegic.  A few yrs later, he was dx'd with Adhesive Arachnoiditis.  His pain is 24/7, horrific and is only getting worse as there are 'stages'.  He is currently prescribed pain meds...which I have to call his pharmacy every single month a week ahead of time so they can 'reserve' enough for him.  The page on FB is called "Pain Matters".  
Thanks for this. I joined that FB group.
There's the Doctor Patient Forum (formerly Don't Punish Pain Rally) national and state FB pages. Also, Pain News Network .org . Both are good for keeping informed on all things pain patient related, especially on what is our government doing.  Best of luck surviving this insanity!

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