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It all started with severe abcesses on both ass cheeks

I went to the emergency room because I could not walk and was in serious pain with both ass cheeks swollen. The er doctor prescribed creams and sent me home telling me it's just hemorrhoids. JUST hemorrhoids seems to not be important. The next night I was in so much pain I couldn't lay down or move without severe pain. I was scared when I looked in a mirror and both ass cheeks were shining, full of infection. I'm pretty sure I ate bad lettuce, a lot of it, but that's neither here nor there at this point. I went back to the er via ambulance so I would already have a bed and a surgeon took one look and took me into emergency surgery and saved my life. He did three surgeries, put in a seton drain and I was in the hospital for over a week on wound vacs then put in a rehab which I'm not willing to exchange my freedom for drugs, though rehabs and the doctors go along with drugs, so I climbed out a window and escaped to gain back my freedom. I was in severe pain once I made it home, but the surgeon nor my doctor would prescribe me anything for the pain because I escaped from the rehab, they didn't like that. I was on a lot of morphine and pain meds during my hospital stay. At some point my surgeon prescribed 5 Tramadols, how generous after six months with a seton drain sticking out of my ass hole. My doctor in turn prescribed more Tramadol. I got sick a few times then after getting over the throwing up for four or five days I tried again and this time took them with food and was doing okay for awhile then on Christmas Eve I started throwing up again for four days then on New Year's Eve, my birthday it happened again. I was in severe pain and kept getting sick, but no one would or could help. I went back to the surgeon and he prescribed 5mg Hydrocodones and if took them with food I did okay and my primary followed suit and prescribed me more Hydrocodones. I was doing okay on them then the surgeon started talking to me about doing a THD doppler surgery to get rid of my pile of hemorrhoids. The surgeon had to cut one of them off. After surgery during recovery the nurse gave me Fentanyl, not sure if this is spelled right. I started getting nausea right away and when I went home it was getting worse. I was in so much pain though I was throwing up I took half of an Oxycodone the surgeon prescribed. It helped the pain and I can't really blame the Oxycodone on the throwing up and nausea, but now I'm scared to take anything to help with my pain. Will I be okay if I take the Oxycodone again and I feel a pile of hemorrhoids so it seems all was for nothing and I'm still in severe pain.
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I’m so sorry you’re in such severe pain.  Hemorrhoids can be brutal.  

Thinking I am missing something.  Why did they want you in rehab?  
So you got tramadol first from your surgeon and then from your family doctor which they later changed to hydrocodone. Then you had another surgery and the surgeon prescribed Oxycodone.  Did I get that right?  Pain meds are notorious for causing nausea.  Doctors often give zofran with pain meds to stop that from happening.

In this day and age with all the negativity there is concerning narcotic drugs, you must follow your doctors treatment plan or they aren’t going to give those kind of meds.  It may not always be fair but that’s the reality of it.

You could ask for some Zofran if you need it.  But yes I would try to take the Oxycodone if you’re in pain.  You will heal faster if you control the pain.  Hope you feel better soon!

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I actually don't know why they put me in the rehab except for maybe to stay on the wound vac machine. The rest you have correct. I don't eat a lot because an ulcer exploded many years ago and put me in a coma for nine months and they took part of my stomach when they repaired me. I'm going to try to eat a decent meal and take half of an Oxycodone and take my chances because the pain is too hard to tolerate.
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