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False Negative on drug screen

Please Help, I am at a loss for words. I have several health conditions that require medications. I dont usually have to take drug screens, but I have done it before. I have actually been denied jobs because of inconclusive results- not failed, just inconclusive. This last time i took one I was requested to be screened by my Dr. when I came in the door. I just figured I didnt give them enough to test last time. No one said any thing before that moment. Turns out the drug screen i took 2 months prior came back with nothing. Thats not possible. I take Hydrocode for Pain, and Concerta for ADHD every day. Both should show up. This time It had maybe been 4 hours since i took my medication... I was not worried... But the Test was NEGATIVE! I was mortified! I take antidepressants, thyroid meds, cholesterol, and diabetic medications.
Shortly after I called back to find out exactly what the test was looking for, the Tech explained that the instant results were for the controlled and illegal substances. But nothing else, Those 2 should be there.
The Pain Medication I recieve is minimal, 2 tablets a day. Some times I dont need more other times I cant even stand up because I cant bare to even put my feet to the floor. The Dr. that did the test was my Psych Dr. But, either way neither drug is in my body

How can I prove to these people I take my medications as prescribed. I have begged to take a ua and a blood screen and they wouldnot let me. I am afraid they will refuse me services. Flag my chart, and possibly mess my insurance up. They would not even let me have some one bring my meds to count right then. What do I do I have no way to prove this to anyone.
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ok, I understand what happened in regards to the why they requested a blind test.  The only reason I understand is because my PCP informed their patients a couple of months ago that this was being implemented.  I also understand that it is not the doctors fault, it is all these new laws with narcotics that they have to follow.  It is their livelyhood at stake if they do not comply.  It is really sad for both them and us who are suffering.  It is the illegal drug market that is truly responsible for this mess.  The blind tests are meant to keep people who acquire meds from docs and sell them illegally, from being able to do that.  At my PCPs office the computer randomly spits out a patient to be screened.  
I don't know however why you would show a negative.  Possibility is that something you take is interacting with something else and giving a false result.  Stranger things have happened.  What is awful however, is how you are being treated because they can't come out of the textbook mindset.  I hope somehow this works out for you!!!!!!
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Ok, so let me make sure I'm understanding this correctly?  You went to a job interview and they told you to go to your doctors to get a drug test?  Is that correct, or did I read it incorrectly?  So, you took a test 2 months ago and it was inconclusive, and then you just took another one and it was negative for your daily medication?  Do you take tylenol, vitamins, minerals, stuff that could mix with your medication?  You said you had the test done by your psych doctor?  Is there a reason why you didn't go to your regular doctor?  I'm thinking that maybe since you take a pretty low dose of hydrocodone that may be the reason why it may have not shown up.  I'm not sure about the ADHD.  I do think that you should have gone to your doctor and had him do it.  

Who prescribes your hydrocodone?  Does your psych doctor do it, or does your medical doctor?  I'm so sorry, I hope they can figure it out what is happening.

I am afraid that they will flag your chart, and could possibly refuse your prescription medication.  I'm at a loss of words for you, except to say I'm sorry that this happened to you .  Your job is secure, right?  
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