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My doctor prescribed Fentanyl patches for me to help relieve neck and spine pain, the patches are 50Mc.
I have heard a lot of stories about these patches but wondered if anybody had actually worn them, and what kind of reaction if any will I have while wearing them
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I am sure you are going to get a lot of comments on this subject. yes, I wore Fentanyl patches but before I write anything, understand that each person will have a different reaction to Fentanyl.
I was prescribed Fentanyl for pain and all I can write about is how drugged up I was. Mine was 50mcg and my mind had a hard time with the pain issues. Sometimes it would stop the pain and other times, I didn't know what day of the week it was. The worse part for me was the weight loss. I thought I was eating enough but this medication dulled my senses enough to lose so much weight, I looked like I was dying. I went down to 108lbs from 150 lbs. I had no idea of what was happening to me until I looked in the mirror one day.
This was MY experience. That does not mean this will be yours but understand this is a VERY POWERFUL DRUG! It distorts the brains perception of pain and the side effects can be confusion and so much more. I would rather take morphine. Eventually I stopped the fentanyl cold turkey and it was rough but will never go back to it unless I sincerely have no other choice. UNDERSTAND this is a very powerful drug, I cannot emphasize that enough! The perception of what you think is NOT the reality of what is going on. This drug will take control of your thinking process, so do not drive, and do not be alone.
I am sure others have their experience to share with you but please think twice about this drug.
Withdrawal is just as hard. I developed pancreatic problems due to this drug and once in your system, stay in your system, enough to take over your thinking process so that you are not in control of rational thinking. Now let others have their say but please think twice about this drug, please!
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My Dr. put me on fentanyl patch, don't stay on them,they are so addictive.I am trying to detox right now, my Dr.will not help me. Go to a pain center,an check them out,I am so sorry I didn't that. I hope this helps.
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My doctor understands my pain and offered fentanyl as a last resort. He was trying to help with my pain in any way he could. I was on 50mcg along with Norco for breakthrough pain relief. I think I was on the patch for about 6 months. I don't remember, it was two years ago. When I saw what the fentanyl was doing to me, it scared the hell out of me.
I was eating but apparently not enough and I lost so much weight, I had no idea. I went down to 108lbs by the time I realized how sick I looked. I also developed pancreatic problems due to the drugs. One pain was replaced with another.
I went through the withdrawal because I had to! What I looked like at 108lbs was enough to scare me to get the determination to do this. I called my PM doctor to advise him of what I was doing and he could prescribe an anxiety medication due to the lack of sleep but the rest was up to me. I had NO IDEA of how powerful this drug was. I know now!
I will always have pain. I have accepted that and have learned to understand what is causing the pain and what medications I can take to 'help'. One day good another day, lousy but that is the way it is. I would rather have full control of my mental facilities then depend on a drug that take full control of the mind and the dope it causes. I can live with that knowing I understand my pain issues and know not every day will be bad.
Vitamins have helped my immune system. That is a positive. The scar tissue from the operations that press on the nerves is what is causing some of my pain issues. I am now getting different shots to help with that. The shots help. I am currently going through another re-evaluation to see what can be done.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Just turn on your headlights and keep driving.....
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