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Hip ursitis

22 year old female

I've had hip pain on my right leg since May 2015 after running around playing football. My injury occurred when I lived in a 3 bedroom 1 bath dorm. My roommate was taking a very long shower. I had to use the bathroom badly and placed a lot of pressure on my right hip since I was waiting to use the bathroom. Since then, my pain has gradually increased especially when walking for long periods of time and sitting down, as well as walking up hills, and constantly standing up and sitting back down. My lower right back would "crack" sometimes and be in pain, which also causes my right hip to hurt even more. I've had times where the pain would be very intense, and would feel as though a fever was coming up.

I've visited a doctor at WVU Urgent care, two doctors as well as an orthopedic back at home.  All the doctors told me that it was hip bursitis. I've recently had an x-ray in April, and was told that everything seemed fine. One doctor prescribed me with 500 mg Naproxen, which would help a little, but could still feel the pain when I sat down. The orthopedic also gave me the option to either take two pills of Advil and also notified me about receiving an MRI and cortisone shot, which she strongly advised me about the side effects for taking the shot. I decided against the cortisone shot because of several horror stories.

I occasionally ice my hip when the pain is extreme, use an electronic pulse massager, do some PT exercises such as straight leg raises to the outside, clamshells, standing quad stretches, and piriformis stretches. These would sometimes help me, however, I feel as though my pain occurs a lot quicker than before. For example, I used to able to walk about 20 min., and start to feel mild pain, but now, I walk for about 10 min., and feel mild pain.
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You just need to make sure that you know the real cause of your hip pain. If you have any reason to suspect that there might be something else going on other than an short term injury,, then have them look closer. I'm sure it's likely a temporary thing, but I have something that requires care wrt therapy. Just be sure you are not causing more harm in whatever you choose to do.
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