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How do you make a "pain clinic" believe ur in real pain?

I am sympathetic to the drs, nurses, NP's and staff at pain clinics because I know they must get a huge amount of people coming in just for the meds BUT when a legitmate person, ie...me, comes in and clumps me in with them from the get go, that makes me very angry!
They all agree that I have colapsed vertibre below my neck at the shoulder level, and herniated discs in my mid and lower back.
I am a very physical person but when the pain is so bad, my life stops and I get depressed because I have things that no one else will or can do.
I have been made to feel like a drug addict and no matter what I say, they just keep my meds at a very low dosage.
Help, I feel like firing them and finding another place but they may all be the same???
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Hello. Welcome to MH. Sorry for the troubles your having. It can be such a battle trying to get the right meds at the right dose. I really don't know what to tell you except just be as honest as you can and it sounds like you are.

Sometimes you just have to keep looking for the right Doctor until you've found him/her.

I have been lucky and have had 2 great Drs. in my adult life and both have understood but they also know me very well and it wasn't always just for meds.

I think getting to know each other helps tremendously......

Take care and good luck with everything

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Hi and welcome to the Pain Management Forum of MedHelp. We are glad you found us.

I am sorry you area experiencing such pain without much relief or understanding from the Pain Clinic you attend. I am not a huge fan of Pain Clinics or PMP BUT that does not mean there are not great pain clinics and great PMP's out there. I just have not found one in my area.

I do have a very good understanding and compassionate PCP.  It is my understanding that it varies from state to state how much pain medication a PCP may prescribe for their patients. In some states you are apparently forced to go to pain clinics in order to obtain pain medications.

If I were in your position I would seek out a good PCP IF your state allows them to prescribe pain medications. And I would keep looking until I was satisfied that I had found one that I could communicate with effectively and that would treat me. Be cautious not to be labeled a doctor hopper by taking drugs from all the physicians you "interview." If in your state you must attend a pain clinic for treatment of CP than I would begin my search for a new pain clinic.

Don't give up. Keep looking. I believe there is a physician out there that will take your CP seriously. Good luck to you and let us know how you are doing. Take care, Tuck
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I assume this is your first pain management Dr.
If your not getting any relief and your paying this Dr to treat you and help you live the fullest life you possibly can by helping to control your pain then your paying the wrong Dr.
As the others here have said you have to keep looking until you find a PM Dr that is willing to take your pain seriously and treat you fairly, I know your frustrated at being labeled a drug addict just because your in pain and need medication. It is very difficult for some Dr's to realize that chronic pain is a disease just like any other disease and needs to be treated. You can thank the Pt's who use and abuse these Dr's for your having so much trouble getting pain medications and relief. It really makes my blood boil when I hear of someone being treated the way you have. When a legitimate pt comes in and has proof they are in pain they SHOULD NOT be treated like drug addicts. Unless you prove otherwise your a legitimate pt with medical issues and need help. I have posted many times in our community that we need to do everything we can to educate the public about chronic pain and how it affects our lives. It is not just the pain , the pain affects every single aspect of our lives and even Dr's fail to realize this sometimes. I have been fortunate and have had some wonderful , caring Dr's but not everyone is that fortunate as you prove by your post here.
I really do not know how to make your PM Dr see your legitimate and in pain.How long have you been seeing this Dr? Some will start you out on a low dose and work up as you earn trust and they will see how you handle yourself. I would suggest that you talk to the Dr next appointment and explain the meds he/she is giving you is just not controlling the pain and ask what your options are and what he/she is willing to do to help your pain and if it does not meet your expectations then ask if he can refer you to another PM and if not then ask your PCP if he/she can refer you somewhere else.
Please keep us posted and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! I wish you the best of luck and hope the Dr will see your in pain and help you:)
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