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I'm in the UK and can't get help

For 21yrs I've had severe diarrhea, sporadic moments of having a "normal" bowel movement. With that I've also had pain, started in the lower abdomen left side, cramps, air bubbling through, but also started in my joints, muscles, pretty much everywhere now, sometimes it's an ache others full blown crushing and sharp pain. Waking up takes so long in the morning, setting multiple alarms, sometimes I don't hear or must snooze the alarm. Feel tired all day, then can't sleep again at night if I've taken a nap or not, first given olanzapine over ten years ago by a GP to help me sleep, then my once muscular fit body suddenly went to 25 stone, borderline diabetic. They took me off olanzapine and put me on mirtazapine as they say I'm depressed, yes I'm depressed, I'm pretty much suicidal now as I can't and won't exist like this, I've had to stop working earlier last month as the pain, tiredness and my mood put people in danger. I am not after benefits and being signed off from work and life, I've had a load of tests, blood tests etc and they haven't found out much in 21yrs apart from I have ibs and depression. Forgot to mention I've awful skin on my face in the t zone, red itchy skin which in the morning is covered in scale, plus inside my ears too. I'm going to give them another chance to diagnose and sort it out, if they can't (this isn't a threat kinda thing) I will seek to end my life.

If anyone has any help, someone or specialist that reads this and they think it could be something please say as this is my pretty much last port of call.
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Have you seen a dermatologist about the skin issues? A gastroenterologist for the IBS? There are many successful treatments available to help ease the symptoms. It also might be worth while consulting with an autoimmune specialist to rule in or out any connections between the skin concerns and the IBS symptoms.
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I've seen a dermatologist, they say it's Seborrheic dermatitis but I have used everything on it and it has never cleared. IBS I've had examinations, camera and biopsies and all clear. Haven't seen an immunologist or pain specialist. I've tried everything they have given me, it either makes the situation worse or creates a faecal dam which just backs up all the diarrhea and I end up going four or five times in quick succession. The pain is now becoming a daily ongoing assault on my mental wellbeing, but I can wake up and be totally fine sometimes, usually coinciding with a Dr's visit. I'm not sure if the headaches are stress related now as I'm becoming so frustrated and I'm lashing out verbally at people because I'm so annoyed, both with myself and the situation. I had some codeine the other day, didn't really help the pain, but it bunged me up, today I've now been to the toilet eight times with what seems to be a full bowel amount each time.
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