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Can anyone tell me why medications (pain medications; oxycodin, vicoden, percocet) muscle relaxers (flexeral, methocarbin) and all sleeping medications; and trust me my doctor has tried them all) don't seem to work on me.  In the past I have tried taking 3-4 pain or muscle relaxers, since the standard 1-2 never work, and this amount does not even work.  Also, I have taken up to 4 sleeping pills, with no results?  It seems that any type of medication that I take in pill form does not work, but anything injected through an IV works like a charm.  

Can anyone tell me why????
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I don't know but I have the same problem.  Ambien or Lunesta give me 3 hours of sleep at best.  Muscle relaxers and vicoden make me dizzy and weird but won't put me to sleep.  Neurontin makes me stupid :-) but still awake.  Melatonin, valerian etc do nothing.  It is extremely frustrating!

~~ dgg
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This may sound strange, but has your stomach ever been checked for scar tissue? there's something called sarcoidosis which causes an outgrowth of scar tissue in any of the major organs and could possibly contribute to absorption problems. They suspect that I have it in my kidneys, so as a result they don't absorb calcium correctly and I produce many kidney stones in a very short amount of time. You might want to get your stomach lining checked.

Beyond that...you could just have a very different nervous system. There is no "standard" for nervous systems, so you could just be unique! I've tried methocarbamol and flexaril before and find them to be somewhat effective, but have you tried valium? Just a suggestion.

Anyway...have they done any sort of testing? Do other meds (OTC) work on you?
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For me, meds work fine for other things.  OTC for inflammation, AD's or depression, antibiotics for infections etc.  I just seem to not get the 'sleepy' effect.  And if I do get it its not enough to actually fall asleep.  Years ago benadryl made me sleepy, now I get the reverse reaction and it hypes me out terribly.

Xanax does work occasionally, but I don't achieve a deep sleep from it, just a dozy, dreamy kind.

~~ dgg
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Hello Whyconfused,

My guess would be that you are tolerant to oral medications. Some ppl build up a tolerance very quickly. It's something to discuss with your PCP and your pharmacist.
Of course IV meds work. It's a different delivery system. This usually is true for everyone. including those that are not tolerant to oral meds.

I am very, very concerned with any one's intake of 4 muscle relaxers or 4 sleeping pills, especially and even more so if they are taking both of them within a 12-24 hour period. They accumulate in your system.

Just because you do not "feel them" doesn't mean that they are not working. This is how  overdoses happen...and ppl never wake up. These are the statistics that say too may ppl on opiates, muscle relaxers or sleeping pills are dying...because the person often no longer "feel them" work, so they mistaken think they are not working when they are. They are compromising your respiratory status and slowing your heart rate.... and at four times the recommended dosage...to dangerous levels. PLEASE do not exceed the prescribed dosages.

Discuss your concerns with your prescribing physician. Bring up the question regarding the possibility that there is a medical reason why these meds do not appear to be effective, such as suggested above. I do think it may just be tolerance but I am far from an expert.

Please let us know what you discover...and please reduce your intake to prescribed levels. I am very concerned for you and hope to hear from you again soon.

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I agree with Tuckamore & was posting something VERY similar as it was posted :-)
It does sound as though you have built up a tolerance & I highly encourage that you DON'T take the pills until you feel it.  They sit in your system for varying lengths of time & by taking so many or mixing them it can be VERY dangerous.

There are SO many knowledgeable people on here that can help with not only their opinions, but their experiences.  We would hate to see a post about something happening to you because you felt you needed to take the pills until you "felt" wat u though you should feel from them.

See your PCP & be sure to update soon

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I should have made it clear that I do not mix them.  As far as tolerance, from day one they have not worked for me.  I am wondering if it has anything to do with my Colon Cancer?  I was diagnosed with Stage 3b Colon Cancer in 2009.  Prior to diagnoses and as of today, nothing seems to work for me.  When I was in the hospital the only pain medication that worked for me was morphine and it was through an IV.  In fact, it worked so well I was asleep most of my stay, which I really could not stand.  I am just really confused, since I have never taken any drugs or street drugs for that matter, so am confused as to why they don't work for me?  
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