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Pain Relief-Acupuncture

Hey Community,

*This is a bit lengthy but I wanted to share in case anyone is interested an alternative way to pain relief. I am DESPERATE for something and DO NOT want to go back on the meds.

I did my first acupuncture session with a new person who came highly recommended. I had tried acupuncture before but there was a BIG difference this time.

1} I want to help my pain without medicating myself
2} I researched and found someone who specializes in Chinese medicine...sorry to sound racist, but I wanted to find a Chinese doctor this time...thought closer to the source?!
3} I am willing to deal with the discomfort of the needles etc. before, I had a really hard time with the needle thing

He did a very in depth evaluation of me first by talking about what was wrong. I told him all about my back + neck spinal fusion surgeries that happened so close together, being medication for 3+ years and JUST getting off meds 11 or so days ago, unable to sleep well plus massive pain and withdrawal symptoms.

Then he touched (squeezed) my feet all over (section by section) and gave me a very clear understanding of what was going wrong with my body. He said it was my tailbone (not my L5 S1...did I get the surgery for no reason??) that was the problem, plus it radiates through the hip, knees and ankle. (He said it is all connected...yes) He also found that my adrenal glands were a bit of out whack, otherwise he said although I am a hyper person, I am perfectly healthy. He was NOT judging my med use and just wanted to help me get through feeling so yucky.

Then he placed needles that are taped on me (suppose to keep them in until Sat.)...so they keep working. Then he used needles all over for specific things, set it up with some sort of stimulant, electric current and I stayed there that way for about 25 minutes.

Maybe I want to believe so badly, but I feel a lot better! He told me to not sit too much as I am still healing but I don't have the stabbing pain and I feel less anxious for sure. I am seeing him again Sat. so he can remove the needles that are tape on me and he wants to continue working on me for awhile until I am on my way.

He also prescribes herbs but did not give me anything for now.

I am a pretty practical person and know the value of western medicine, but I think this might be a good way for  me to tackle my pain issues and not do the drugs. I am feeling hopeful and also some pain relief. He was very reasonably priced by the way!

Hope this post helps someone. Day 11 and staying strong!
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I've heard and done everything that you have with the acupuncture as far as the regular needles and then the electric current...But I have never heard of taping needles and leaving them in for days...

I'm trying to picture this as they usually go straight up...so how is it taped on and how do you not bump into them while sleeping, showering, wearing clothes..etc...Where are they and how many are left in? That just sounds  kind of dangerous to me....

I would be wary about taking "herbs" though...it's one thing to research on  your own and decide on certain supplements that you know you need with testing. Is insurance covering everything he does? If not, then I would be even more cautious about having to pay for herbs....Just make sure that you run everything by your other Dr. and/or Pharmacist if you are on any medication and adding anything to the mix..natural or not it can interact.

I certainly believe in adding in as many modalities as possible to help my pain and I enjoy my acupuncture treatments. There isn't one sole thing that takes away all my pain, it's about each thing helps take it down a tiny notch and all adds up to a decent pain reduction.

Good luck and let us know how it goes..
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if you like it add it to your tool-kit and keep on looking and researching for more to add---never stop---something new now-a-days is always happening!! And do be careful with anything you put in your body--especially medicinal herbs as they can be very powerful in their effect (thus their potential for healing). Yes! Very Wary Scary Good Old GrandMa's Herbs!
    I say this being a dad of a doc of acu and herbology etc.  phd -blah- blah.
And she rarely rarely prescribes herbs because of all the drugs (from the pharmacy and otherwise) that people take and do not tell her about. Amount of alcohol (messes with most drugs and herbs) tobacco---sugar---fats (mess with 'em)--etc.. on and on .. so no herbs for her patients.   Alright enough---somebody else chirp in.   om
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I started with acupuncture at the beginning of December for my upper back. I talked with my doctor who was doing the acupuncture about my medical history and what he should stay away from. My lower back is where I had the surgeries and due to scar tissue, I still have pain issues there but my upper back needed some type of relief from muscle strain due to posture issues. The acupuncture seems to help. The sad part is that after the acupuncture sessions, they use a vibrator on my back and it feels so good, I don't want them to stop...the sad part being is that they do. The message session feels so good, I beg them not to stop. For some reason, they have cut down on my treatments that I was getting twice a week down to once a month. I do get relief from the acupuncture but it is not enough so i have to do stretching at home.
I am so tired of stretching, I had to take a break. Mentally this all can be draining. Takes a lot to 'get into the grove' but taking a break gives me time to focus on doing it all again. Annoying but better than before. At least I don't have to depend on the pills any longer. That is the positive side. The rest will come naturally. (I hope)
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